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The Great Sling

"SHUT DOWN FOR MAINTENANCE"   -A placard placed on the fence around the Great Sling. Underneath, in a crude scrawl:   "What idiot thought this was a good idea?"

Purpose / Function

The Great Sling is a shuttered public amusement located on the outskirts of the Etoile Capital City. It is what it claims to be - a massive leather sling, with chair seats bolted into place in the sling pocket, with the sling arms attached to a powered wheel. When the ride starts, the wheel is clutched in to mains Power delivery, and the sling begins to spin, sending the riders looping around in the air in a great circle, just like the sling weapons of antiquity.


Several repairs have been made to the sling-arms, which have a tendency of snapping and breaking. Also, the entertainment remains fenced off and closed while several appeals to the Principality of Etoile work their way through the Magistrate's Court.


The Great Sling opened as an amusement ride in early 719. Unfortunately, several incidents occurred in the year following - at least three times, a sling arm detached from the main power wheel, launching the riders into the distance (killing all except one lucky child). One time, the leather of the sling arm itself tore into two, also launching the riders. More than once, power delivery to the wheel was insufficient to get enough centrifugal force to loft the sling upright, causing the sling pocket to actually collide with the center wheel apparatus.   The repeated disastrous nature of the Sling caused its shutdown in 720, and multiple claims against the people who built it are being examined by the Magistrates. Even so, the ride retains a certain thrill among the younger denizens of the Etoile Capital City, as nothing quite like it exists on Saibh.
Theme park / Entertainment complex
Parent Location

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