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Outer Haven


The settlement of Outer Haven is a small, privately run town on an island a few miles off the coast north of the Etoile Capital City. While the land is privately owned, it is unclear as to what individual precisely owns the land, but the burgomeister of Outer Haven otherwise brooks no dissent, serving as the de-facto absolute authority on the island with a security detail sourced from the Mercenary's Guild. The burgomeister has the ability to both prevent individuals from landing on the island as well as expelling them from the property.

Industry & Trade

Outer Haven has been described as a Scarlet Block exclusively for the patronage of the fabulously wealthy. The merely well-off can burn ten thousand Florin in a night at a gambling parlour in the Scarlet Block then spend another few hundred for the pleasure of company. The truly wealthy can burn hundreds of thousands of Florin at the high stakes card vaults of Outer Haven, and indulge in a fantasy of a whole village of women (and men) solely devoted to their service and pleasure.    It is persistently rumored that the Red Spades Social Club has a hand in the governance of Outer Haven, but the opacity of the arrangement has stymied even Magistrates sent to investigate the island.


Although Outer Haven has the appearance of a functional town, nothing is produced or extracted there, and the town is wholly reliant on a daily resupply Power-Sail ferry from the Capital to function. The appearance of the town is in reality in service to the proclivities of the clientele.


The rise of the Consortiums early in the history of the Principality led to both an explosion and concentration of wealth, yet with less means to spend it. The nobility of the past would construct chalets and redoubts to signal their wealth to the world, but the masters of the new Consortiums are if anything even more wealthy than those old nobles.   Given the success of the Scarlet Block in the Capital, some enterprising spirits embarked on a grand construction plan, purchasing a disused Principality Navy resupply point on a small island and turning it into a resort for vice, unfettered by restrictions from local residents and municipalities. The project has been a fabulous success, with the obscene revenues funding a community of hundreds and handsomely rewarding investors.


Outer Haven bills itself as a simple island resort not far from the Capital, but it is known instead as a place to indulge the most expensive of vices. Principal attractions include an unrestricted high-stakes gambling den, a fabulous restaurant featuring haute cuisine from the finest of Etoilean chefs, and most famously a literal entire village turned over to the services of brotheldom, specifically in the sense of roleplay, an attraction unique across Etoile.   The brothel on Outer Haven is likely the only den of prostitution that employs bards and writers. As part of the service, a client will describe a certain role they would like to play or a fantasy they would like to indulge, and the town will be rearranged in order to embrace the fantasy. For example, if a man writes that he wishes to act as an Academician lecturer in front of a classroom full of women looking to enhance their grade, the entirety of the village area of Outer Haven is reconfigured to resemble The Academy of Etoile, with the local workers costumed and given appropriate scripts to act the part for the day. Clients can select from a number of pre-written fantasies or craft their own, to as exacting detail as required (with fees to match).   While the carnal uses of such a service are obvious, the fact that all of the brothel performers are also actors and actresses has meant that a few well-heeled patrons have held entire theatre productions on Outer Haven. Such performances have been occasionally open to the public, leading to genuinely bizarre viewings of works like 'The Expedition into Lea Monde', where the monsters and horrors of the deep are all attractive prostitutes.


Outside the gilt stonework hall of the gambling den and hotel, the buildings of Outer Haven are intentionally built to resemble an ordinary area of the Capital City, and can be quickly reconfigured, with moving walls and decorations as well as an onsite team of painters and masons.
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