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"Aoife? Aoife!" The chef looked up from the table. A girl was waving at her through the streetside window. She held up a basket of flowers. "I got the decorations you asked for!"   The chef smiled. "Get them arranged on the tables, Gale. We'll be opening soon." She turned her attention back to the pastries. With quick motions, she quickly added small cream flower flourishes to each. Next was the sweetbread rising in the oven, and after that was the sugar cookies. That write-up in the journal had been a mistake, she concluded - it had meant work from before sunrise to past sunset, as Aoife absolutely hated turning away hungry customers. She wiped her brow. It was a lot simpler when she could just sit and relax at her half door and talk to the local neighborhood in the afternoons...

Purpose / Function

Morrison's is a famous bakery in the southwest quarter of the Etoile Capital City, that serves morning pastries and cookies to local workmen, as well as delivering fresh bread to local households.


Other than adding some streetside seating, the bakery has been unaltered since it opened.


Morrison's is established in one of the buildings erected outside the First Princep's original plan for the Capital, and is a small bakery crammed between two large tenement buildings, a visual afterthought. The bakery building itself is made of brick and stone, with a whitewashed facade that mimics the visuals of the Capital proper.


Opening in 717, the bakery quickly became a local favorite. The proprietor, Aoife Morrison, became recognized as a highly skilled baker, and her profile in a food journal in 724 resulted in an explosion of new business. These days, lines go out the door each morning and her bakery sells out regularly, though she refuses to relocate to a larger location closer to the center of the Capital City.
Pub / Tavern / Restaurant
Parent Location

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