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Naval Redoubt, Patino

The resupply ship made smooth contact with the dockside clutch plate, and with a click, the ship clutched in for recharge. It was the first time Thanie had visited a military dock, and the lack of activity dockside was a strange sight, compared to the bustling piers of the Capital City. One of the seamen waved to a longshoreman on the pier and put down the ramp. Magistrate Haideri wasted no time striding off the ship and towards the walls of the Patino Redoubt, and Thanie had to jog a bit to catch up.   The Redoubt itself was far less impressive up close than at a distance; while the launcher turrets at the corners were impressive, Thanie noted the patchwork repairs made to the earthworks, with several sections of wall looking as though it would wash away in a storm. The naval personnel at the Redoubt seemed strangely indolent, but Thanie supposed that the strutting sailors in the Capital represented the best of the military on display; this must be how ordinary sailors did their jobs away from the public eye. Past the walls, the Redoubt was quite small, merely housing a few barracks, warehouses, and the headquarters building, which Haideri stopped to contemplate. He glanced backwards.   "Apprentice. Tell me your thoughts on the base." Haideri folded his arms expectantly.   Thanie caught up and stood to his right. "Nothing's obviously wrong at first glance, but there's a general malaise I feel. The naval docks at the Capital are maintained to perfect precision, but there's small things here and there that catch the eye." The apprentice's eyes swept the interior of the Redoubt. "Roofs missing tiles, pathways that require weeding, and small elements of disarray. And if we were in the Capital, I would have expected us to be stopped by now by someone questioning our presence."   "Good. Though there's our contact now." A man in a naval officer's uniform was approaching them from the headquarters building. His uniform, at least, was immaculate, and he presented the perfect image of an Officer of the Principality.    He stopped and saluted a few feet away, the palm of his hand facing outwards, posture rigid. "Lord Magistrate, welcome to the Patino Redoubt. I am Captain Duboc, Principality Navy, at your service."    "Magistrate Haideri Alyr of the Magistrates, an arrival from Ebensberg. My apprentice, Thanie Aldur." Haideri's return salute was crisp. "We arrived unexpectedly, but we do not have time for formalities, unfortunately. Captain, I require access to the inspection logs from the last two weeks."   Duboc gave the magistrate a look. "Under what pretense, if I may ask?"   "A smuggling investigation. My suspicions are that one of the sailors here is aiding the smuggling of Needlefish toxin." Haideri had a stern look. "I received word that several doses of toxin were seized from a ship that arrived at the Capital two days ago from Patino; it must have undergone inspection by your garrison."   The captain had a grim expression. "Intolerable, of course. My ledgers are open to you and I'll make any of my men available for questioning, should you desire. Follow me to my archives; we keep the inspection logs under lock and key there." He turned smartly on his heel to march back.   Haideri paused momentarily. "Thanie. Your thoughts, and quietly, while we walk." They began to follow Duboc at a short distance.   "Something strange. The captain himself seems perfectly in order, but such an officer would not tolerate the lack of order elsewhere here." Thanie rubbed the back of her head. "Only a suspicion, of course. It's always a bit odd to speculate on bad behavior simply because someone seems to follow the rules too closely."   Haideri shook his head. "A magistrate's investigation relies on identifying patterns, and the pattern here is, as you said, strange. Keep your eyes open while we're here."


The Naval Redoubt at Patino is populated exclusively by sailors of the Principality Navy.


The Naval Redoubt at Patino is commanded by a specific billet in the Principality Navy, currently Captain Faryn Duboc. As a military facility, the commander has sole authority over all activity on the base.


A small Principality of Etoile naval task group is permanently based in Patino, anchored by two Siege-sails - Shrike, a Firelance-class heavy frigate, and Kingfisher, a light corvette, along with a number of smaller vessels without launcher turrets. The Redoubt itself features an earthenworks fortress wall with heavy launchers positioned at six strongpoints, each on a pivoting mount. With the ability to control the channel leading to Patino, the fortress is well-positioned to withstand blockades and sieges. With that being said, it is unlikely that any pirate would attempt to attack or lay siege to Patino.


As a Principality Navy facility, the Redoubt maintains two dry docks for ship refitting and repair, six heavy power clutches for rapid drive recharge, and warehouses full of supply for naval activity. The redoubt naval barracks can feed and sleep a force of two thousand, large enough to stage a naval task force of significant size.


The founding of Patino, the Machine City in 631 created what would become the foremost industrial center of the Principality. The First Princeps, recognizing the value of the settlement (as well as the risk of any separatist movement, in those heady early days after The War of Unification), established a naval base just offshore. While the ostensible purpose of the base was to defend the city from any potential attacks and dissuade pirate activity, the base's purpose was clarified after The Pacification of Great Hull, and the siege-sails that regularly patrol the harbor are a reminder of the Principality's hold on the region.   In the modern era, with no real risk of separatist activity or sentiment, the sailors at the Patino Redoubt spend more of their time patrolling the waters and checking the manifests of outbound cargo ships, watching for smuggling and duties evasion rather than piracy.


The Naval Redoubt at Patino is positioned in the mouth of the Inix's outflow, at the bottom of the Patino cliff, and is perfectly situated for Power recharge through tidal charging stations. The naval base is kept well-supplied by Patino, the Machine City proper, though there is no freshwater source on the island itself. The island is small enough such that the earthenwork defenses of the redoubt fully ring the island's perimeter.   While the oceans near Patino are generally peaceful, major storms have hit Patino in the past, causing significant damage to the docks and necessitating repair.
Founding Date
Military, Base
400 military personnel
Location under
Owning Organization

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