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Patino, the Machine City

The worker's chant echoed down the docks as longshoremen unloaded cargo from Pier 2. They needed to be quick about it; the ship needed a linkage to the Power driveshaft in order to recharge its flywheel, and that was best done with an empty cargo hold. The Machine City was unique in the Principality, as each and every pier at the docks had a direct shaft-line hookup from the central distribution hub. The newest generation of power-sails was developed here, after all, and it would have been an embarrassment if the City couldn't support its own new technologies.


The Machine City's population skews extremely young, as workers from across the Principality are attracted to it due to high wages and rapid industrial growth. Most leave relatively soon, however, as the unceasing manufactory lines and the unplanned nature of the city make it a not particularly pleasant place to live.


Patino is large enough to be its own district; the Patino District Commander reports to the Princeps and has absolute control over the city and its surrounding area. In practice, the current District Commander merely presides over the Patino Council and its appointed Mayor, with the local Mayor retaining most political power.


Patino is a strategic city for the Principality and the wealth it generates makes it an obvious target for subversion for any potential enemies of Etoile; the Principality has a major naval base near the Machine City.

Industry & Trade

There is roughly a 30-40% chance that any given manufactured good to be found in the Principality was made in Patino; everything from power-wagons to music boxes and autoweavers. Although the Capital receives large amounts of state investment for the iteration of new technology, Patino is where commercial interests focus their efforts.


Patino was built at the edge of a massive waterfall emptying into the Feryll Sea, and the entirety of the waterfall has been routed into an intricate flow system to serve as Power generation. The massive amount of Power available has led to a heavy focus on manufactory and export; Patino produces more manufactured goods than any other city in the Principality and its extensive dockyards get those goods to market faster than most.

Guilds and Factions

All Guilds are headquartered in the Etoile Capital City, but Patino has by far the largest Engineer's Guild, as the Machine City has the largest and most complex Power distribution network as well as the Engineer's Aerie, a finishing school for apprentices. The Engineering Guild and the local Commerce Society are the major players in local politics.


Patino was merely a tourist spot before the invention of Power Technology, as the Patino Waterfall was considered a natural wonder. Upon identification as a prime location for industry after the Unification War, the waterfall was dammed and routed into a colossal series of waterwheels embedded into the waterfall cliff face. The first state-directed manufactories for military production were quickly supplanted by a massive, haphazard growth of private commercial manufactories and local services; it was only after the city had more than a half million people (and the occasional failure of water distribution) that the city was placed under strategic planning. Even so, the city remains a maze of power-shafts, open-air gearing assemblies, and catwalks, with no particular rhyme or reason as to why anything in the city is where it is other than proximity to Power.


Most of the city is a mess of exposed metal, wooden driveshafts, and gearing, along with dilapidated shacks and housing tenements for the workers. The Machine City has attempted to redevelop the worst parts of the city in order to more accurately convey the wealth that the city generates, but many of the longer term residents consider the look of the city unique in the Principality.


The Machine City is located on the north shore of Western Saibh and is positioned under a waterfall, the terminus of the Inix River into the Feryll Sea. The river itself supplies the freshwater needs of the city, and most food is imported through the extensive dock network. Although Patino is several weeks away from the Capital City on the overland route, by sea it's a mere four day journey thanks to favorable currents.

Natural Resources

The only natural resource of note in the location was the waterfall as a source of Power; it is fully exploited for the purpose.
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The Machine City
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