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Navarro Exclusion Zone

"Fifteen thousand florins." Siegfried flattened the contract parchment on the table. "Class A contract, of course, but of special note due to its, well..."
"Illegality?" Kyris laughed. "And ludicrous risk, and impossibility of payout because as soon as we show up our skin would probably fall off."
The older warrior shrugged. "Anyone can submit a contract. Alistair, you've done your homework. What does Navarro look like these days?"
The wizard across the table rolled his eyes. "Still a poisoned miasmatic hellhole where if you breathe in deep you don't get to breathe anymore." He placed a book on the table. "The First Princeps sent in ten volunteers after the city committed suicide. You can read about their medical cases here."
Siegfried grimaced before pushing the contract into the fire. "Even the concept of an entire city committing suicide is a bit much for me. In any case, if we're not going to take this, I have my doubts anyone else will."


The Navarro Exclusion Zone is a roughly ten mile circle centered on the former City-State of Navarro. Entrance to the zone is forbidden by the Principality of Etoile , but this rule generally enforces itself due to the nature of the Exclusion Zone. The Zone is roughly twenty miles inland on the western side of West Saibh, in a large forest.   The City-State of Navarro was a wealthy mercantile oligarchy trading in timber and alchemical reagants. It was one of the last territories to be attacked and conquered by the First Princeps during The War of Unification. Unwilling to surrender its monopoly on mahogany and rare hardwoods, the city's leadership decided to instead dump certain reagants down its wells. These reagants mixed with and reacted with the natural wellsprings of certain other chemicals, causing noxious gases to be produced. This gas seeped through the ground, killing everything it contacted by literally melting all organic materials, and within a few days of the action, everyone and everything in the city had either fled or died. The specific chemical mixture that caused this is a secret that died with the chemisters of Navarro.   Residual amounts of gas continue to seep through the ground, making Navarro a very dangerous place to visit or travel through.

Fauna & Flora

The area outside the Zone is a relatively normal temperate forest leading to the hills, but the zone itself is utterly devoid of animal and plant life.

Natural Resources

Timber can be harvested from the forest nearby, but Navarro itself no longer has natural resources to speak of. The remnant material wealth in the ruined city proper occasionally gets the attention of treasure hunters, but most are smart enough to not risk their limbs melting off.
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