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Mithral ore is a rare and valuable metal that is found through mining a mithral vein with a pickaxe. Mithral ore is harder than steel, while creating light-weight, flexible items. It is an extremely valuable substance for weapons and armor, in the hands of the right smith, which makes it highly sought after, especially given its rarity.   For it takes a powerful furnace to burn hot enough to melt mithral, and a forge to shape it. Mithral's melting point is 500° higher than that of iron. This is why most mithral goods are crafted by dwarven smiths, or those who have studied with them, who have mastered the arts of forge and furnace construction.   It takes more than an ordinary pickaxe to extract it, too. You need at a minimum a pick made of mithral, and edged with diamonds, designed for the task of mithral extraction. It is expensive to get into mithral mining, assuming you can find a vein, but it can be a quite lucrative profession, depending on your mine's location.   In many ways, transportation is less of a problem than standard iron exporting. Mithral has a much lighter weight, despite being a tougher substance. The average miner can transport twice as much mithral ore as they can transport of raw iron. This just increases mithral's value as a mined good. However, mithral veins tend to be at higher elevation, and it can be difficult packing ore down the mountain. One may need to hire folks to simply carry the ore down the mountain, while the miners mine.   Still, the substantial money value keeps people hunting for new veins to mine, despite the hardships. It is fair to say that mithral is worth its weight in gold, even though there is a harder and rarer metal out there - adamantite.   The biggest mithral veins in Troyso are located in the Shauram Mountains in Rimestrand County. The bulk of the county's residents rely on the mining industry in one way or another.
Melting / Freezing Point
Melting Point - 2040°
Common State

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