Sunaro's Tula Export


Tula is the freeze-dried form of the algae that accumulates in the hydroponic pipes and tanks of city gardens. It's a standard-issue nutritional supplement given to members of the Korlo Military during times of war. It's also issued to Diasporan cities to prevent malnutrition if their hydroponic gardens can't supply enough produce for their population.

If properly sealed, Tula can be stored for decades without going stale or losing its nutritional qualities... provided it's not stored topside. It only takes a month for the ambient radiation to bind with and alter the chemical composition of the supplement, turning it into something that produces euphoria and hallucinations.

Korlune military accidentally discovered Tula's alter characteristics during the ten-year-long Suldrun Offensive and have labeled it as a "Violation 3 - Restricted Substance". If you are caught manufacturing or dealing this form of Tula, you will serve a minimum of three years in Tantrys prison.

And yes, the longer it sits, exposed and dry, the more potent it becomes.

Diaspora Five, Sunaro to those who call it home, is one of the three Diaspora that produces Tula for the country's use. Sunaro is also the main distributor of its altered form.


The drug form of Tula can be added to alcohol, food, or smoked, just like the supplement. There are rumors that a chemist is marketing Tula enriched lip-gloss to Korlo socialites.


Diasporan have made recreational use of Tula since its discovery in 2568 but there has been a steady uptick in the number of addicted since 2598. Coincidently, the drug made its first appearance on the Korlo club scene in 2598.


Tula's high has been compared to that of low-grade Zelat, without the expense or danger that it'll be detected by conventional drug screening.
Chronic users develop a blue/green tinge to their gums and inner eyelids.

There have been attempts to cut Tula with other, harder drugs, but the euphoric effect is lost, and at the end of the trip, the user is left with a migraine and nausea. Med-Techs quietly treat more addicts than they report.
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