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Glass of Al-Riyah Haraq

The arid deserts of Al-Riyah Haraq have one resource in great supply: sand. Through exploration of these arid deserts, large deposit of silica sand have been discovered. This pulverized quartz material, worn down over countless years and natural erosion have created fine powders that are excellent for making glass.   What began as artificial gemstones crafted through melting the silica sand with lime and soda soon became a commodity that was highly sought after around the world. Many saw the glass creations were a luxury only for the rich. With the advent of the blowing technique, larger and more complicated.   The first and major non-artistic use of the blown glass came in the form of test tubes and other vials that could be used to hold potions and medicines created by the fairies studying at the Academy in the island chain. These glass bottles were influential in the standardized nation of the medicines being developed by the ferry council.   Veterzemlyan merchants were seeking for a new way to transport their wheat from their home country to other lands. However, their attempts to use traditional wooden barrels failed as the sea water and humidity ruined the grain during shipment.   There was once a captain who delivered Veterzemlyan grain to the desert countries and during shore leave he noticed the beautiful glass work that was around the city. Not all of it was ornamental, some of it was very functional. He noticed that some of the uses of glass included containers. This was mostly for liquids, such as alcoholic beverages, but it was seeing food being placed within jars as a means of preserving them.   While there, he commissioned one of the local glassblowers to line the inside of one of his smallest barrels with thick glass. The craftsman knew what he was going for, so he made the glass extra strong by changing the recipe and the thickness of the material. The wooden barrel structure that the glass was placed in added an additional layer of stability.   The captain filled the new glass barrel construction with grain that had not spoiled in the journey over. The jar was sealed with a cork wood stopper and then sealed with wax.   On the return trip to Veterzemlya, the captain placed the now reinforced glass barrel in the worst part of the ship for the storage of grain. The bow of the ship. He figured that with all of the spray the wind the rain that is encountered on deck that this new invention could protect the brain from that kind of beating, it would do well in the storage areas below.   The captain was well pleased with the results of the experiment. He took the new invention to the owners of the company and explained the process of creating this glass barrel. The owners of the company were also impressed and commissioned a large number of similar barrels to be created.   Within years all of the grain that was shipped from Veterzemlya was in the new glass barrels. The success and demand for these barrels grew to the point where the company-sponsored many craftsman from the desert to come to Veterzemlya to live and to work their craft. The sands of Veterzemlya were not of sufficient quality to produce the reinforced glass. Large shipments of the quartz silica sand were transported to Veterzemlya in its raw form for the emerging craftsman community to use in the production of these new glass barrels.   another community of glass blowers making these glass barrels emmegrated to (NAME) to create the containers for the spices being transported.


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