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It is strange. For thousands of years we ignored this rock. Pretty, but has no real practical use. Then the Arikandans come, and they lose their minds over it. Apparently has something to do with one of their gods.
-a Dhar ranger discussing the Essenite trade at camp
  Essenite is a stone of deep blue colour found in the cliffs and rocky underground of the eastern Marai Desert. It is prized for its colour and various ornamental and cosmetic applications, and is the major export that supports the settlement of Lygon and generates a great deal of wealth for the Duchy of Solathi, sought on both sides of the Calinan and even in the mysterious south beyond the Marai.


Material Characteristics

The most noticeable characteristic about Essenite is its deep blue appearance, occasionally flecked with gold or silver. It can easily be polished to enhance its colour and surface.

History & Usage


Essenite has been found since the dawn ot time, but rarely of any significant quantity. It was first found in large quantities in the Marai Desert by Dhar rangers, who paid it little mind until the arrival of prospectors from Solathi in the first century TE. Many of the prospectors were of Essene faith, and the stone quickly came to be associated with the water goddess. This, in addition to its eye-catching hue, led to extensive mining of the rock and shipping it all over the Calinan Sea.

Everyday use

Essenite is most commonly used to create ornaments, decorations and elements of jewelry, such as the inset of a ring or as part of a necklace. It can also be condensed into a powder, which in turn can be used as a pigment used on frescoes or as makeup.

Cultural Significance and Usage

Essenite is of particular interest to the Elementalist faith, particularly worshippers of the water goddess Essena, who associate the hue of the stone with water, and believe that its usage pleases the goddess and attracts her attention. It is used by them to create religious figurines and implements such as the tip of a sceptre or ornamentation on an altar.   The Peacock Throne in Solathi's Brightwater Spire is constructed of polished Essenite.


Trade & Market

Most of the Essenite trade is handled by Solathine¬†merchants. The stone is usually collected in Lygon and then sailed downriver to Solathi, where it is sold to local customers, and is then purchased by sea traders who distribute the stone to Arikandan cities.   In recent years, the Kjoqvist-Calinan Trading Company have expanded into the trade, and are growing at a runaway rate, overtaking the Avadians, who are traditionally the most prolific sea traders.
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