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"They call Solathi the jewel of Northern Calina. The Magantines might have something to say about that, but there's no doubt it's absolutely flooded with riches."
-Jiril Sanathan, Legate of the Sunburst Legion
  Solathi is a city-state on the northern coast of the continent of Calina, at the junction between the Galan River and the Calinan Sea. It was founded in 45 TE by settlers from the city of Helik. It received its independence in 213 TE and is now its own independent city-state.


Solathi's population is made up primarily of the descendants of Arikandan settlers dating from the days of the Helikan colony. There is also a large percentage of native Calinani from nearby regions who have come to the city over its history, along with several migrant diasporas.   The migrant population is made up primarily of Avadians and Sapphrans , although a recent surge of Sembarine migrants from Kas and travelers from Baropa in the south have emerged recently, along with a wave of Kjor merchants and workers.


Solathi is an absolute monarchy ruled by the dux, a holdover title from the old Helikan governors.   While the dux has absolute power, in practice that power is usually delegated to members of their house, along with other noble houses.

Industry & Trade

Solathi also draws in income through the gemstone trade through its control of the mines in Lygon down the Galan River, and produces a number of luxury goods for export and use locally such as faience.


Solathi is a very new city in comparison to its mother Sapphran cities, and this shows in its planning. In addition to the advanced plumbing methods most Sapphrans and Tanorites employ, the city was built to be accessible via broad main roads. Two of these run from north to south on each bank of the Galan River, with two more running from west to east. These cross the Galan via bridges.


The Spire Isle, an island in the centre of the Galan River, is the main administrative district. It hosts the Brightwater Spire, the palace of the dux, along with various other administrative buildings.   The Rivieras are twin districts on the left and right banks of the Galan that are home to Solathi's nobility as well as the wealthiest commoners.


Solathi has relatively easy access to stone and marble, and these materials are much more widely used for buildings than the fired bricks of other Sapphran structures. The streets are paved with flattened stones, and most buildings are assembled from stone blocks of various sizes. Common features include mosaic walkways, slate roof tiles, and circular/domed pillared buildings.


Solathi is built on the Galan Delta, over the west and east banks of the river and along the coastfront. A large island in the centre of the the Galan River houses the Brightwater Spire is constructed. The land to the south of the city is a fertile floodplain, and a variety of lush farmland and plantlife can be found there.

Natural Resources

Water is readily available from the Galan River. The rich soil from the Galan on the outskirts of the city also allows for a variety of fruits and vegetables to be cultivated.
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45 TE
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