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Tanorites are the people of Tanoron , the central southern region of Arikanda. For most of their history the Tanorites have lived in independent city-states, but have a shared cultural and religious background that binds them together.   With the rise of the Avadian Sovereignty and the Kalriv Empire , it has become necessary for the Tanorites to band together for common unity. While they are all different political bodies on a lower level, they share a similar cultural background, and thus it is easier to refer to them as Tanorites rather than peoples of their individual states and kingdoms. The only exception are the people of Arpium, who have diverged signifantly enough to be considered their own subgroup.


Average technological level

The Tanorites are in the late Bronze Age, and as such use bronze tools and implements.   Tanorites make use of the Sapphran alphabet for writing purposes. In addition to the clay tablets used by most societies, Tanorites also make use of parchment and papyrus.

Common Dress code

Dress and fashion is considered a point of personal pride among the Tanorite elite- whole professions are dedicated to developing new types of garments. Avadian traders are often consulted to acquire different dyes and textiles to be used for new garments.   In the middle classes, while dress is expected to be practical it is also expected to look eye-catching and pleasant. While usually linen tunics and mantles are used rather than silks, different colours are employed.   Among manual labourers and farm workers, it’s generally accepted that utilitarian clothes like tunics and pants are practical. With that said there is still quite a lot of emphasis on being clean outside of the work area, and often the lower classes have special ‘social’ clothes they keep seperate.

Funerary and Memorial customs

Tanorites are usually buried after death in various settings based off their social class. Commoners are usually buried in graveyards, while prestigious Tanorites are often interred in elaborate crypts and mausoleums.

Common Myths and Legends

Elementalism is the most prominent faith practiced by Tanorites, having spread from the Holy Cities across most of southern Arikanda by the end of the second millenium DoM. Prior to this they practiced a mixture of shamanism and their own tribal pantheons. In the modern day, Elementalism is considered an official faith and has significant input on the day to day lives of Tanorites, although other faiths such as shamanism and the Avadian pantheon are tolerated provided they do not disrupt or challenge the Elemental Faith.

Historical figures

The most prominent Tanorite in recent centuries was Garcien Lyons, the only person to have united most of Tanoron into a single cohesive entity, the short-lived Tanorite Imperium.


Gender Ideals

Tanorites generally do not consider gender or sex to be a limitation on what role a person can perform - if a woman can exhibit martial prowess she can be a soldier. If a man is inclined to be a domestic worker he can also do this. While there are general similarities to how people of a certain gender behave, it is by no means enforced. The concept of transgenderism and non-binary gender is considered 'a little different' from the norm but widely accepted in Tanorite society.

Courtship Ideals

Most Tanorites court based off their class; while Tanorite nobles can theoretically by law court whoever they wish, most of the time their families have a strong influence on who they choose. It is frowned upon for nobles to court commoners. Commoners tend to have much less pressure to court specific people, and thus often court based off liking or love. Tanorites have no stigma on sexual orientation and same sex relationships are considered normal.
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