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"Where else are we going to source wine and olive oil from? Helik? Don't make me laugh. The tariffs and dealing with the League are well worth the price of doing business in Tanoron. And the countryside is wonderful in the summer."

-Scolles of Nebrion, an Avadian merchant.
  Tanoron is a region of Arikanda situated on the central region of its southern coast, bordering the Sapphire Coast to the east, the Heartlands to the north and the Arikandan Unknown to the west. It is a warm, temperate region home to many influential kingdoms and city-states, and is renowned for its agricultural development.


Tanoron is known for its dry climate; summers are dry and hot, while winters are mild. Being a broad region it has different geographical features and cannot simply fall under one universal classification, but features such as rolling hills, broad meadows and mountain ranges are prominent. Tanoron itself is broken up into other sub-regions;
  • Arpium, a southern region with mountains, scrubland and vineyards. Its most prominent city is Mayoka and used to be its own independent region prior to the Mayokan Civil War.
  • Western Tanoron, a relatively flat region with rivers and lighter forest among the shrubs and fields of the southern coast. Its most prominent city is Mirrelum.
  • The Vessene Mountains, a stretch of mountain ranges bordering Tanoron and the Heartlands. Its most prominent (and only) city is Karana.


Tanoron has been settled by humans since at least the stone age, and predates the rise of agriculture and sedentary society. During this time, the inhabitants were nomadic bands of hunters and gatherers. In the latter part of the stone age, Tanoron became the first region to embrace agriculture, as bands began to settle and form early cities and societies.


Tanoron is known for its rich culture, and this draws visitors from the other regions of Arikanda. Most visitors come from the southern Sapphire Coast, with Tanoron's membership in the Helikan League encouraging trade and migration. Visitors from the Beyan Archipelago and the Avadian Colonies are also frequent, with many merchants seeking to conduct commerce.
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