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Helikan League

The newest of the Three Empires, the Helikan League is less of a single government entity and instead a confederation of various kingdoms and city states in the Tanoron region and the southern Sapphire Coast who have banded together in response to the expanse of the Avadian Sovereignty and the rise of the Kalriv Empire. The most prominent city and the de facto leader of the League is the city of Helik.  


The Helikan League’s flag is a set of three golden chevrons over a kelly-green background.


In theory, the League is a gathering of independent city-states and kingdoms. In truth, the city of Helik usually exerts leadership over the group through its economic and military prowess. Decisions are usually made by a Council of Archons, made up of the various leaders of the city states, with a High Archon to preside over them. The High Archon is usually the Archon of Helik. There is also a body of officials and civil servants levied from all members who administer the League's operations.

Public Agenda

The League was formed with the public aim of uniting city-states and kingdoms with common cultural roots in order to achieve mutual defense and co-operation.


All states contribute a portion of their income to a common treasury of the League. In addition, the combined armies and navies of the various members of the League are at the disposal of the High Archon.


Prior to the 4th Century KE, most of the central south and southeastern continent were split between a number of petty kingdoms and city states. They all shared cultural elements and traded extensively, but were independent and often warred among one another. There were a small number of major players, such as Helik, Mayoka and Ormond, but none of these powers were willing to concede to each other.   With the consolidation of the Avadian Colonies to the west and the rise of the Kalriv Empire in the northern Sapphire Coast, a need was seen for the Tanorite and Sapphran city-states to find common ground should either empire invade.   Helik took great interest in formalising the alliance, and began lobbying for an official consolidation of forces and alliances. In Rainfall, 346 TE, this culminated in a conference in Helik announcing the formation of a League of city-states. As the most powerful city in the alliance, Helik had a great influence in the workings of the alliance, and eventually the League was informally known as the Helikan League.   With Mayoka brought into the fold, the Helikan League is at its strongest, and is believed to be of sufficient strength to challenge the Kalriv Empire.


The League is composed of two geographical regions - Helik and its various allies in the southeastern Sapphire Coast, and the city-states and kingdoms of the Tanoron region in the central south of the continent. The northern border of the League has never been formally established, but it is generally accepted that the Masscht Valley is where the League territories end and the Heartland States begin.


The Helikan League does not have a central army but instead draws from all of the armed forces of its members. The entire force falls under the purview of the Council of Archons. The major elements of the fighting force are hoplites, peltasts and chariots.

Technological Level

Like the other Empires, the Helikans have a late Bronze Age level of technology. They are particularly advanced in the fields of roads, with well interconnected cities and highways, and cavalry, having both horses and chariots readily available.


There is no official state-sanctioned religion among the Helikan League, but the shared cultures of these cities and kingdoms all venerate the Elemental Gods. However affairs of faith are considered matters for member states themselves, and there are even a small number of Heartlander cities in the League that believe in druidism.

Foreign Relations

The League and the Kalriv Empire are currently in a state of cold war. While the reign of Var Belsev has done a lot to settle things down, there is still a great amount of tension between the two, and it is believed that the war is likely to resume after Belsev's death.   The Avadian Sovereignty maintains cordial relations and trades extensively with the League states. There is some friction between the two as the Avadian Colonies are beginning to encroach on Helikan claims, however the mutual threat of the Kalriv Empire keeps them polite.   The Free City of Kas, straddling both the far southeastern Sapphire Coast and the far southwest of the continent of Sembar, is generally left to its own devices. While it is on the edge of Helikan territory, the general consensus is that its interests lie in Sembar and its own administration, and few Helikans wish to intrude into Sembar. A small number of Helikans live and trade on the Sapphire Coast side of the city however.

Agriculture & Industry

The Helikan League has an extensive agricultural industry, and is considered the most advanced in terms of agricultural technologies.

Trade & Transport

As part of an initiative between the League, a number of highways are being built to connect the major cities. Most travel is done by walking from town to town, although wagons and chariots are also available.


The League itself does not interfere with educational matters - these are seen as matters for the states themselves to administer.
Founding Date
346 TE
Geopolitical, Empire
Alternative Names
Helikan Empire
Government System
Monarchy, Elective
Power Structure
Economic System
Command/Planned economy
Legislative Body
Officially the Helikan League has no legislative body, as it is considered a confederation of kingdoms and city states. In truth, decisions made by the Council of Archons usually have flow-on effects to the various member states.
Judicial Body
Judicial matters are left to each member state to enforce.
Subsidiary Organizations
Controlled Territories
Related Ethnicities

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