Kalriv Empire

"We are the chosen of Venderus. We are the reach of the Sun. We are Arikanda's light. This is undeniable."
-a popular Kalriv proverb
  Possibly the mightiest power in Arikanda, the Kalriv Empire is the culmination of thousands of years of unification and conquest. Once a simple village atop a mesa, the Kalriv Empire now spans from the forbidding Sheer in the north all the way to the Helikan League borders in the southern Sapphire Coast.  


The flag of the Kalriv Empire is a blue motif of a rising sun against a white background.

Public Agenda

The public agenda of the Kalriv Empire is to uphold the sacred duty given to them by the Sun God, Venderus; to serve as the protectors of Annyrion and unite all under their protection.


The village of Var Kalriv was populated in the late Neolithic- some believe even as far back as 7300 Dawn of Man, nearly eight thousand years ago. For most of its existence it seems to have been a simple farming settlement; however with the advent of bronze metallurgy in around 3000 DoM, the Kalriv began to expand beyond the reaches of the Mesa and began to settle colony towns around the Sapphire Coast and the Kalav Desert. At around the same time, they began to make contact with other villages and territories in the area, although their contact was relatively peaceful at this time.   Around 1200 DoM, the Kalriv were contacted by the towns of the northern Sapphire Coast, who were being raided by a large city known as Lycrus. The Var, or chieftain, of the Kalriv honoured the requests for help, seeing it as the duty of the chosen of Venderus to protect the towns from the marauding Lycrans. Thus it was that the Kalriv attacked and defeated the city of Lycrus, its first conquest. After the raiders of Lycrus were destroyed, the Kalriv seized the city itself to ensure no further raids would take place. In gratitude, the small towns of the area submitted to the protection of the Kalriv.   The next centuries saw similar mandates by the Kalriv, and their military might expanded to allow them to spread out to larger areas, often at the invitation of tribes and villages being raided. In time however, the Kalriv carried out invasions based off their own unilateral decisions rather than invitation. In the final half-millennium of the Dawn of Man, the various towns and cities under the Kalriv Empire's protection were asked to pay tribute and levies in order to continue their protection. In time, this relationship adopted to become that of client states- and towns wishing to abandon the compact were seen as rebels and punished accordingly. By the end of the Dawn of Man, the Kalriv occupied virtually all of the northern Sapphire Coast and a good percentage of the central coast.   From 285 TE through to 390 TE, the Kalriv began an intense period of militarisation, emphasising the importance of military might and dominance. At this time, the emphasis of warriors as a powerful class was imposed, with noble Warriors being a class adjacent to the Priesthood itself. In 332, the Kalriv tribe officially declared itself an Empire, with leadership of the Kalriv surrendered from the Venderan priesthood to a single military autocrat, the Overlord. Newer conquests took place with much less justification, and were more about claims to land and resources than protection. Areas around them were taken into the fold by conquest, and their populations were taken as slaves; ostensibly so they could be inducted into the Kalriv way of life. Some were granted freedom as citizens, but many were not. The social classes were formalised, with a new tiered system consisting of Guardians and Solars atop the society, with Craftsmen beneath and Slaves at the bottom. Soon, conquest pushed the Empire all the way to the borders of the Heartland States and the Helikan city-states.   This period of conquest only slowed after 390 TE, the Kalriv temporarily drew back their focus on conquest and instead focused on developing the new empire. Cultural and social developments were emphasised here, such as the construction of ziggurats, temples and fortified cities. The Overlords in this time also focused on developing the Kalriv law codes and civic works. This reached its high point under Var Belsev in the early 400s, who adopted a statesman-like approach. Holding off on military expansion, Belsev focused on trade and culture, and granted a greater input to the provinces and client-cities. He also appeared to shift emphasis back to the Venderan priesthood, a move that greatly angered his generals and the rising War Priest society. Today, in 469 TE, Belsev even appears to be making moves to re-assess the entire Kalriv social structure, and there are even talks he may seek to abolish slavery itself.


The Kalriv holdings are vast, easily the largest of any empire. They hold the top two thirds of the Sapphire Coast, only stopped by the Sheer mountain range at the north of the continent. They have even made incursions into the Heartlands.   Most of the Sapphire Coast is effectively part of the Empire now. The Heartlander towns seized in the past two centuries are held tenuously, and require occupation - as do the seized southern Sapphire Coast towns.


The primary military force of the Kalriv Empire are the Kalriv Legions, the largest professional military fighting force in the world. They do not have much of a navy; however they don't need it. In addition to the Legions, they have access to auxiliary forces from their holdings.

Technological Level

Like the other empires, the Kalriv are in their late Bronze Age. Their weapons, tools and armour are primarily bronze. Their military technology is top notch, with advanced tactics, specialised infantry with a variety of weapons and formations. They have recently integrated chariotry, allowing them to close the gap with Helik in the cavalry field. Their agricultural developments are still shy of Helik's, and their naval technology is virtually nonexistent.

Unlike the other Empires, the Kalriv have been experimenting with iron. At this time it has not entered widespread use, however the belief is that there is certainly potential to use it in the future.


The Kalriv Empire exclusively worships the Sun God Venderus and consider him the patron deity of the Kalriv. They believe he has entrusted the Kalriv with a mandate to protect and enlighten the people of the Continent, and guide them in the ways of Venderus. While it is permitted for other religions to be followed, proselytsing is absolutely forbidden; and only conquered peoples may follow other faiths. Kalriv citizens, especially the Guardians and Solars, are only permitted to follow Solarity.   Venderus plays a large part in Kalriv society; the High Solar, the chief priest of Venderus, is the second most powerful individual in the Empire. The Solars enjoy equal status to Guardians, and generally are involved in any kind of legislative decision and most ceremonies and civil matters. There are even special religious-based legions such as the Sunburst Legion.

Foreign Relations

While diplomatic relations have improved in recent years, the Kalriv Empire is in a state of cold war with the Helikan League, with both sides bristling and aware a conflict will be inevitable, especially with Belsev's illness. The Empire is less hostile towards the Avadian Sovereignty, with an attitude that primarily consists of 'stay out of our way'. It is generally understood that the Avadians are likely to be next after the Helikans.

Trade & Transport

Due to the enormous size of the Empire, it has been necessary to connect the cities by road. While not as concentrated as the Helikan roads, the Kalriv have long and well maintained and guarded roads stretching from the capital to the frontiers, and generally connecting most major cities in between. Transport is carried out mainly by chariotry and wagons. Some vessels are also used to transport large amounts of cargo, but the Kalriv generally avoid ocean travel.

People of the Sun

Founding Date
332 TE
Geopolitical, Empire
Government System
Monarchy, Absolute
Power Structure
Transnational government
Economic System
Command/Planned economy
Copper tokens
Legislative Body
Officially, laws are decided on by the Overlord himself. In practice, legislation is formed by a council of influential Guardians and Solars, who debate and compromise on new laws and codes.
Judicial Body
The Kalriv judiciary is divided between the Solars and the Guardian class.
Official State Religion
Neighboring Nations
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Related Ethnicities
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2 May, 2022 07:43

I like these guys so far, they seem to be a fusion of the spartan and egyptian civilizations. Can you write up some more details about their military? What makes it so powerful next to others?

3 May, 2022 06:03

You also mention the legions with their auxiliary system. Does this mean they are more akin to that of the Roman military with extreme discipline, or were they more like the Spartans or another group?

3 May, 2022 12:51

I've taken inspiration from Sparta, Rome, plus Mycenae and Assyria for these guys, among others. The auxiliary system's mainly linked into other castes - so kind of a hybrid of the Spartan and Roman systems.   I've got a lot more on them in the pipeline but it's a bit too brainstormy for public consumption at the moment - once I've refined the three cities I'll see if I can hammer out on something presentable.

3 May, 2022 13:02

Oh and to answer what makes them powerful - mainly the fact they're a consolidated professional fighting force, based around a society that elevates the martial above all else. Most of the other civilisations either field semi-trained citizen armies or rely on mercenaries, and the rivals to the Kalriv in the League are made up of a ton of different member states' armies that are disparate, so a unified, drilled and disciplined fighting force is a bit of a game-changer.

3 May, 2022 18:51

So what would you say they are equipped with? Are they equipped with large shields and specially designed armor and weapons, like the Romans? Or were they more like another civilization?

3 May, 2022 22:32

Oh also how come they have not taken over all the other empires so far?

4 May, 2022 00:38

The average legionary's somewhat Hoplite-ish - round shields and spears as primary weapons, shortswords as secondaries, bronze breastplates.   They've actually been carving up most of the Sapphire Coast (their home region in the east) for the past several centuries, conquering and absorbing other city-states. So they've been conquering. The Helikan League (the other major land empire) is actually more of an alliance system formed to make it somewhat harder for them to expand, but the general feel is that sooner or later war/an invasion is coming.

4 May, 2022 03:39

I see, can you tell me what else they have in terms of scouts and the priest classes of their military. I think I see a good fighter subclass for them.