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Concourse of the Ascended

"Walking the Concourse is not unlike walking down a physical representation of the Kalriv Empire's history and values. It's no mistake that it connects the Triumph Gate and the Plaza of the Sun."
-Shekis Harran, Sapphran philosopher
  The Concourse of the Ascended is a Kalriv monument built in Var Kalriv, leading up to the Venderan Ziggurat. It is considered a holy site of the Solar faith as well as an essential element of Kalriv culture.   It consists of a long, broad road stretching from the Triumph Gate through the center of Var Kalriv. As the road moves closer to the Ziggurat, stone columns line the left and right of the road. Atop these columns are carved statues of warriors and soldiers throughout the history of the Kalriv people, in ascending chronological order as the road moves closer to the Ziggurat. At the foot of each of the pedestals is a bronze brazier, kept burning night and day, for offerings to be placed. The final statue at the very end of the road before it passes into the Plaza of the Sun and the Ziggurat is a statue of Kalros, the legendary founder of Var Kalriv.

Purpose / Function

The Concourse of the Ascended was designed to venerate the fallen warriors of the Kalriv Empire. It serves as a holy site for the Solar faith, as well as the War Cult, and is considered an important part of every Kalriv's spiritual journey. Pilgrims are expected to walk the length of the road in quiet contemplation, observing the statues and their deeds, along with reflecting on the glory and honour of soldiers they know personally. They are expected to sacrifice offerings at some of the the braziers they pass, particularly the statue of Kalros and for any other legendary heroes who are important to them.


The Concourse has expanded considerably throughout the millennia. As new heroic figures and legendary warriors rise and fall throughout Kalriv history, their statues are added to the concourse.


The road of the concourse is made of adobe bricks, painted a dusty red colour. The pedestals of each statue are smoothed cylinders of sandstone painted the same red, and each statue is cut from marble.


The Concourse of the Ascended dates back to 1200 DoM, after the end of the Kalriv war against the Lycrans. To commemorate their victory and to honour the warriors who had fallen to conquer it, the first statues were built on the road leading to the Plaza of the Sun; some of the finest and bravest soldiers of the campaign, along with the legendary Kalros, founder of the city. It has continually been added to with each successful campaign or tale of heroism, and even nearly 2000 years later new figures are being crafted and added.


The Concourse draws visitors from all over the Kalriv Empire, and it is generally expected of every Kalriv citizen to make a pilgrimage to the Concourse at least once in their lives. Visitors usually stay in Var Kalriv itself or the outlying villages along the edge of the mesa if the city is full during the busy seasons.   Visitors, Kalriv or otherwise, are expected to show reverence and respect at all times on the Concourse. Any disrespectful behaviour is dealt with harshly, up to enslavement. Vandalism is seen as the worst kind of sacrilege and merits execution.
Founding Date
1188 DoM
Monument, Large
Owning Organization


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