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Tablet of Venderus

The Tablet of Venderus is one of the most important artifacts in the history of the Kalriv Empire. It is a sandstone tablet believed to have been carved by Mirkos, the first Solar prophet of the Kalriv people, on instruction from the sun god Venderus upon the founding of the city of Var Kalriv during the Neolithic, nearly 6000 years prior to the present day. The Tablet is currently stored in the Venderan Ziggurat.   The tablet is cut in a large circle which has pictographs carved into it. It depicts the following scenes;
  • The first scene depicts Venderus as a man with a halo above his head, appearing to create the first humans from rays of sunlight.
  • The second scene depicts the Kalriv people hunting, fishing and farming.
  • The third scene depicts Kalriv warriors defending a group of people from another group of warriors, presumably raiders.
  • The fourth scene depicts Venderus descending from the sky before depictions of Kalros, the legendary warrior founder of Var Kalriv, and Mirkos himself. Stylised strokes depict the god delivering instructions.
  • The fifth scene depicts the fledgling city of Var Kalriv atop its mesa.
  • The sixth scene depicts six Kalriv figures formed in rows - Kalros and Mirkos at the top, a warrior and Solar priest beneath, and what appears to be an artisan and a labourer beneath.

Manufacturing process

The tablet appears to have been carved using a stone chisel, and then the finer details etched with a smaller chisel.


The Tablet of Venderus is said to contain both the basic foundations for the Kalriv society and the origins of humanity. It depicts Venderus as the one true god who created humanity and lays out Kalros and Mirkos as the two founding figures of the Empire. It also depicts the Kalriv as exalted warriors and can be interpreted either as appointed protectors or masters of other people.   It also appears to lay out the different roles of Kalriv society (Guardian, Solar, Forger and Worker) and can be seen as showing a stratification of society, with the Basileus and High Solar as the most prominent individuals, with the Guardians and Solars beneath them, and the Forgers and Workers beneath.   It effectively lays out the framework for Kalriv society and delegates the authority of various individuals, and is used as the base for which official laws and customs were formed when the Kalriv developed writing.
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