Avadian Colonies

"It's good to be back in the Colonies. The Archipelago will always be home, but this little corner of Arikanda is Maura's own garden."

-an unnamed Avadian trader
  Established on the southwestern portion of Arikanda, the Avadian Colonies were settled in various waves of migration over the past 500 years. It is home to various Avadian towns and cities, the largest of which is the city of Freemarket in the northwest.   The Colonies are split into three distinct regions; the interior region of the Tondra Plain, the western coastal region of Barcelles, and the southwestern hook of Kayor.


The Colonies are split between three main biomes. In the northwest near the area around the city of Barcelles, the landscape is made up primarily of rolling hills, with a temperate climate. In the northeast, the hills recede to become the vast Tondra Plain, home to the cities of Talrid and Freemarket. In the south, the land takes on a distinctly humid climate. In Kayor on the southernmost stretches of the Southwest, the land begins to become a subtropical wetland, with rivers, swamps and bayous.

Natural Resources

Barcelles and the Tondra Plain are the breadbasket of the Southwest, with vast plantations, orchards and farmsteads producing cotton, sugar, grains, fruits and vegetables. The largest colony in the plain, Freemarket, has been the most important land-based trade hub in Arikanda for hundreds of years, exporting a variety of goods to all corners. The Tondra Plain, as its name suggests, is mainly a long temperate grassland.


Prior to the arrival of the Avadians in the first millennium DoM, the Avadian Colonies were sparsely populated by a mixture of Wessuth and Heartlanders. After the consolidation of the Beyan Archipelago, the Avadian Sovereignty sought to expand its influence and holdings into the Arikandan mainland. In 871 DoM, an Avadian fleet landed in Kayor and set up a town in present-day Denato, followed by the city of Barcelles in 844 DoM and the trade hub of Freemarket in 793 DoM.   In 792 DoM, the Avadian Sovereignty officially claimed the territories in southwestern Arikanda as the Avadian Colonies, electing Viceroys to administer the colonies on behalf of the Avadian Admiralty. While the settlements were Avadian founded, the first Viceroys inaugurated an outreach program to the previous inhabitants of the Southwest, allowing them to keep their own holdings and invited to work in the Colonies themselves.   The Colonies have become an important part of the Sovereignty in the past thousand years, a relationship only strengthened when the Avadians pulled back from the city of Maganti in southern Calina.
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