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Fenali is a remote trade outpost belonging to the Avadian Sovereignty. Unlike all other Avadian outposts, it has been built deep into the Arikandan Unknown, far beyond the boundaries of the Great Empires and Heartlander states, and serves as one of the few places where eastern Arikandans and the Wessuth come into contact.   It is over a thousand kilometres north of the Avadian trade settlement of Freemarket, and even further northwest of the Tanorite city of Mirrelum. To the Great Empires and the Heartlanders, Fenali is considered something of a frontier settlement, with the areas beyond it considered mysterious, unknowable and dangerous.


The population of Fenali is divided between a small administration of Avadian traders and their guards, and a population of Wessuth who have moved to the area to take advantage of trade opportunities with the rest of Arikanda.


Officially Fenali is an Avadian outpost and is subject to the decisions of the Avadian Admiralty. In practice, the town is run by the trade companies who have set up operation in the town and operates as an oligarchy. An administrator, who directs the operations of the settlement, is elected from among the companies.


Fenali is defended by independent mercenary outfits who work for the trade families. In the rare event of an attack on the settlement, they can muster a defence, and there are makeshift fortifications and guard towers.

Industry & Trade

By far the largest revenue source in Fenali is commerce. As a remote outpost, it serves as one of the few points of contact between the Wessuth tribes of northwestern Arikanda, and the Great Empires and the Heartlanders of the south and east. Tin is the most valuable export, brought in from hills and mountains in the Unknown, and both resold to merchants and used on-site to cast bronze. Timber from the vast forests of the region are also exported, while weapons and tools are often imported from the east and sold to the Wessuth.   In addition to trade, agriculture and hunting are fruitful industries, usually taken up by the Wessuth in the area.


Fenali was established in 317 TE by an Avadian trade company led by Tessos of Freemarket, an influential explorer and trader from the Avadian Colonies. Tessos explored the area as part of an expedition into the Unknown; crowded out of the existing markets in Freemarket, Tessos sought to make contact with the Wessuth tribes in the Unknown to find new markets that had not yet been swallowed up by the Colonies. He eventually found a location on the banks of the Valkris River, where Wessuth tribes from the Golden Forest would come to prospect and hunt. Tessos spent time in the area trading and negotiating with the Wessuth, then returned to Freemarket. He returned later that year with his trade company, family and equipment, and began the construction of a small Avadian trade post.   The first few years of the settlement were tough, as while most of the Wessuth tribes were friendly, marauders sought to attack the settlement. Tessos recruited mercenaries to defend the settlement and repel attacks, and trade began to boom as the town expanded. Eventually other trade companies heard of the settlement and came to the settlement, paying Tessos handsomely for the right to prospect and trade in the area. In turn, the Wessuth developed an interest in this new source of goods and trade, and some Wessuth families set up their own homes on the outside of town. Tessos not only allowed this, but encouraged it, charging nothing for the right to stay.   In 326, the goods flowing into the Colonies from the settlement prompted a visit from the Avadian Admiralty, who entered into negotiations with Tessos for the incorporation of the settlement into the Avadian Sovereignty. Tessos agreed, but bargained for minimal interference from the Admiralty, securing administrative rights for the trade families with himself as their administrator. After Tessos' death in 339, a meeting of the Avadian trade families in the area convened, and a new administrator was elected.   For much of the past century, Fenali has continued as a small but important settlement, key to trade and relations with the Wessuth. Interest from various independent traders has continued, with visitors from Tanoron and the Heartlands also supplementing the flow of Avadian merchants.


Fenali is a mismatch of Avadian and Wessuth architectural styles. The core of the outpost is Avadian, and as a result most of the buildings in the centre of the town are whitewashed stone buildings. The Wessuth town surrounds the Avadian buildings, and uses the same structures such as wattle and daub buildings and houses with sloped walls.


Fenali is built on the west bank of the Valkris River, the longest river in Arikanda, which provides fresh water and transport. It also sits on the edge of the Golden Forest, an enormous stretch of temperate forest stretching far to the northwest. The outpost itself is built on a flat plain.
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