The Wessuth are a people inhabiting northern Arikanda. They cover a wide stretch of area, including the  Heartlands, the Great Taiga and the Siellar Range, and many villages in between these locations.   The Wessuth people are usually split into tribes, and Wessuth itself as a term refers more to the common cultural elements of the people rather than any kind of political union. As they often live in the colder and harsher parts of Arikanda, they are often given to nomadic lifestyles and pastoralism, although along the coasts and in the more temperate zones they are known to carry out farming and build permanent settlements, or in the case of the Kjor, even forge their own kingdoms.

Naming Traditions

Feminine names

Rada, Narri, Aidi, Nauka

Masculine names

Stornan, Halgor, Lorgun, Karth

Family names

Wessuth do not use family names.


Major language groups and dialects

Most Wessuth do not speak Avadian or Kalran, and instead speak a language split into a number of different dialects.

Average technological level

Most of the Wessuth are firmly in the Bronze Age, using bronze farming implements, tools and weapons. Coastal settlements and settlements closer to the Heartlands tend to have more advanced technology in terms of farming and architecture.

Common Dress code

Wessuth clothing is designed for cooler to cold climates. Furs are commonly used. Linen and wool is also used to weave garments. Unlike the warmer nations of the south, trousers are in vogue as are longer sleeves.

Art & Architecture

Wessuth architecture is primarily based off wooden structures, along with wattle and daub, although stone can be used in some smaller cases. The central point of Wessuth villages and towns are wooden longhouses surrounded with a variety of smaller houses and buildings.   Isolated Wessuth tribes do not use permanent structures at all, instead opting for tents. The longhouse is replaced by a larger tent.

Funerary and Memorial customs

The Wessuth burn their dead on funeral pyres, a holdover from their nomadic traditions.

Major organizations

While most Wessuth are loosely bound into tribes, some have formed city-states especially in the Siellar Range. The most prominent and powerful of these is the Kingdom of Kjoqvist.
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