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  The Kjor are the largest group of the Wessuth¬†people, and are settled in the Siellar Range. They have become enough of a distinct entity in and of itself that they can be considered a sub-ethnicity of the Wessuth.


Average technological level

The Kjor are currently in the Bronze Age, and are considerably more advanced than most of the other Wessuth tribes. Their maritime technology in particular is highly developed.

Common Dress code

Like most Wessuth, the Kjor dress to survive very cold climates. Pelts and furs of wolves, bears and other animals are commonly woven into cloaks. Clothing is generally thick and woolen, with long sleeved tunics and pants common.

Art & Architecture

Kjor architecture is highly derivative of Wessuth culture. Wood is still the primary building material used in towns and cities, however stone walls and fortifications are much more prevalent in Kjor territory. The longhouse remains an important part of Kjor towns and communities, but in Kjoqvist itself it has been supplanted by the Royal Hall. Fortifications around towns and cities are much more prominent.


Gender Ideals

The Kjor have a much stricter concept of gender roles than the other Wessuth tribes. War is considered the domain of men, while religion is considered the domain of women.
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