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The Heartlands of Arikanda are home to a number of cultural groups that all share a number of common cultural, social and religious traits and traditions, distinct from their southern Tanorite and Sapphran neighbours.   Subsets of the Heartlander peoples include;
  • the Vessene people of the Masscht Valley;
  • the Okar people of the City-State of Okaricht and its surrounding areas.

Naming Traditions

Feminine names

Katran, Brenna, Andried, Traula, Neira

Masculine names

Hurst, Tralbahr, Gorth, Marten, Trennan

Family names

Korfer, Achlag, Dalhaf, Aldherst


Major language groups and dialects

Heartlanders speak the same language throughout their region, heavily influenced by the Wessuth language. It is becoming more common for Avadian or Sapphran to be commonly spoken, particularly among traders or diplomats.

Shared customary codes and values

Heartlanders are known for their work ethic and hold reliability as a prized trait. Truthfulness is also considered a core value.

Common Etiquette rules

Heartlanders hold good manners and politeness in high esteem, and it is expected that all Heartlanders demonstrate this to their peers, all the way from kings and Archons down to peasants.

Common Myths and Legends

Heartlanders generally adhere to Elementalism, although there is a sizeable presence of druids particularly in the Masscht Valley.


Gender Ideals

Heartlanders do not have a particular bias as to gender in terms of the roles a person can play in society.

Major organizations

Most Heartlander political organisations are small kingdoms and city-states. The Druids of the Vessa are one of the major spiritual establishments outside of Elementalism. The Heartlands are also home to the The Faculty of the The Academy.
Diverged ethnicities
Related Organizations
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