Arikandan Unknown

"You would think we would know more about the place where we get our tin and our timber. But the truth of the matter is that we don't. We've sent scouts as far north as possible and as far as we can tell it's either endless forest or endless grass, with the odd Wessuth village or wandering herd."
-Tucio of Freemarket, economic advisor to the Viceroy of Freemarket
  The Arikandan Unknown is the name given to the expanse of sparsely populated/undeveloped territories in central and western Arikanda. It is a region consisting of a mixture of broadleaf forests in the west, great lakes in the north, and long stretches of steppe in the east. No organised kingdoms or states can be found here, but it is the home of two major groups of peoples; the Wessuth, farmers, hunters and warriors who occupy the forests, and the Salika, pastoralist nomads who roam the steppes.
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