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Kingdom of Mayoka

The Kingdom of Mayoka is the political entity controlling both the city of Mayoka and the surrounding farmlands and towns in the Arpium region. It is one of the most powerful and wealthy states in Tanoron, and prior to its assimilation into the Helikan League was one of the few independent rivals to the League.   Originally an absolute monarchy, the nation is undergoing a restructure towards a constitutional monarchy in the aftermath of the Mayokan Civil War, including the King and Queen being replaced by a singular Archon.


The supreme authority in the Kingdom is the Archon. Beneath the Archon are the Imperator (military leader) and the Praetors. Beneath that tier are the Tribunes and members of the Council of Mayoka.   While the Archon still has the ability to rule by decree, laws are generally formulated by the Mayokan Council and passed to the Archon for approval.   The political structure of the Kingdom is shown in the following chart:




The Kingdom as an entity traces its history to the Mayokati tribe, who migrated into the Arpium region about 3000 years ago. The city itself was founded in 1772 DoM by the legendary general Volkius, who unified most of the Mayokati tribes under one banner. He created the Kingdom and the laws that would constitute it, although notably he did not take power himself, choosing to resign once the Elemental priesthood elected and anointed their first King.   For most of its history, Mayoka has been a powerful and influential state, dominating Arpium and commanding respect from the other major cities in the region. They frequently butted heads with cities such as Helik and Mirrelum, who also aspired to greatness in southern Tanoron, and a series of conflicts broke out over history. Notably, Mayoka successfully resisted and broke the Mirrelum-based Tanorite Imperium, and centuries later, rejected several overtures from the Helikan League since its formation, insisting on maintaining its own status as an independent power.   The Kingdom saw its largest disruption in the form of the Mayokan Civil War in 440 TE. Capitalising on dissatisfaction among the people towards the ruling Ellori family and aided by a mysterious sorcerer from far beyond the Calinan Sea, the ambitious Imperator Vilio Komon staged a coup to assume absolute authority in the city, killing the original king and many of the nobles opposed to him and assuming the title of Grand Archon. The next ten years were a protracted civil war, with Komon and his forces in Mayoka and southern-central Arpium, and the Ellori loyalists and their allies in northern Arpium. This eventually ended with the involvement of the Helikan League, who bolstered the loyalist forces and saw Mayoka taken back. This also saw Mayoka join the League as a condition.   The new Queen, Isola Ellori, identified the discontent of the populace and agreed that changes needed to be made to provide a more equitable system. To that end, she resigned the title of Queen and created the title of Archon, and presided over an expansion of the Council of Mayoka, including expanding the seats available for commoners and installing checks and balances on the power of the Archons, Praetors and Tribunes. This not only won back the support of the people, but strengthened the bureaucracy and state. This has come at a price, with the city now a member of the Helikan League with the obligations and commitments that entails, but Mayoka appears to have a bright and ambitious future ahead of it.


The Kingdom controls, in addition to the city-state of Mayoka, the entire surrounding territory of Arpium, including the peninsula and mountains to the north. Most of the territory held has dated back to the original Mayokati tribes when they migrated to the area thousands of years ago. The various towns and villages in the Arpium region are generally allowed to self-administer but answer to the Praetors and Tribunes assigned to oversee them.


The Mayokan military is under the command of the Imperator, and consists of three branches;
  • The Royal Guard, who keep the peace in Mayoka,
  • The Royal Army of Mayoka, the military force responsible for defending Mayokan territory and attacking enemies.,
  • the Royal Navy, a small force of vessels defending the Mayokan seaport.


Like many of the Tanorite states, Mayoka follows Elementalism. Many temples have been founded in Mayoka and Arpium, and priests of the various Templar are ubiquitous in the city and towns. Shokai and Essena are popular deities although all have their followers. The worship of the Avadian gods and Venderus are tolerated, although the Elementalist Templars jealously guard their primacy.

Foreign Relations

Mayoka has recently become a member of the Helikan League, and as a result is now in a mutual defensive alliance with all of the cities and kingdoms in it. Mayoka joined the League reluctantly and under desperate circumstances, and while it is co-operative, it does butt heads with Helik, Mirrelum and the larger cities, many of whom were traditionally their enemies. It has not formally entered into any sort of political standing with the Kalriv Empire, however with tensions between the Empire and League rising, the relationship between them is becoming strained.

Trade & Transport

Most intra-region transport and trade within Arpium is carried out overland using the Helikan highway system. Wagons and chariots are the most commonly used methods to traverse the system, but foot traffic and occasional horse-riders can also been seen on the highway. The highway has a series of arterial roads and trails connected to it, which can be used to reach most towns and villages in Arpium. The highway system connects to other regions; to the north it crosses the Vessene Mountains into the Heartlands, while to the west it reaches Ormond and Mirrelum, and to the east it extends into other Tanorite city-states and towns, until eventually entering the Sapphire Coast.   Transport is also carried out by a number of seaports; primarily Mayoka itself, but a number of other towns in southern Arpium have docks. Some Mayokan ships carry out transport, but the majority of traffic of both goods and people are done by Avadian trade companies.
Founding Date
1772 DoM
Geopolitical, Kingdom
Government System
Monarchy, Constitutional
Power Structure
Unitary state
Economic System
Palace economy
Link (copper/silver/gold)
Legislative Body
Council of Mayoka
Judicial Body
Parent Organization
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