Plaza of the Founders

The Plaza of the Founders is the administrative district of Mayoka, built atop Mount Arpia. It houses the following buildings;  
  • The Danthine Palace, one of the two administrative centres of Mayoka and the residence of the reigning Archon
  • The Council Hall, the second administrative centre of Mayoka, and the meeting place of the Council of Mayoka
  • The Mayokan treasury house
  • The embassy of the Helikan League.

Purpose / Function

The Plaza of the Founders was constructed to serve as a defensible, naturally-fortified high town to house the administrative functions of Mayoka. For most of its history its function was solely on the Danthine Palace and the monarchy, along with the storage and distribution of resources. In the last decade with the reformation of Mayoka's government and its integration into the Helikan League, it has expanded to also focus on legislation through the Council of Mayoka and foreign affairs through the Helikan League embassy.


In the aftermath of the Mayokan Civil War, additional buildings have been added to the Plaza including the Council Hall and the Helikan Embassy. An extensive paving project has also been implemented in pieces over the years, replacing natural rock and gravel with travertine slabs. This surface now covers most of the Plaza's ground.


Mount Arpia forms a natural fortification for the Plaza; the scrub and rock on most of the hill greatly restricts the methods one can approach the Plaza from. The single road that winds up the hill is defended by checkpoints at various intervals. The Plaza itself is defended by perimeter walls of limestone blocks, and a thick wooden gate. Guard towers are placed at various intervals along the wall.   The approach to the Danthine Palace is protected by fences and narrow pathways, forcing an attacking force into a bottleneck.
Founding Date
1772 DoM
Acropolis / Citadel
Parent Location
Included Locations
Owning Organization


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