Danthine Palace

The Danthine Palace is the administrative centre of the Kingdom of Mayoka and the residence of the Archon.   Internally, the Palace consists of three major sections;
  • The entrance chamber
  • The Royal Hall, where the Archon sits and presides over matters of state
  • The personal chambers of the Archon

Purpose / Function

The palace has served as the administrative centre of the Kingdom of Mayoka since its inception. It also doubled as the residence of the King or Queen of Mayoka, and has carried over as the residence of the Archon after the Mayokan Civil War.   Official state ceremonies take place in the Royal Hall, as do petitions and briefings with the Council.


The Danthine Palace is a long rectangular building constructed of limestone blocks. It is raised above the rest of the Plaza of the Sovereigns on a raised granite foundation, and can be ascended by wide stairs. Octagonal columns hold up the roof from the outside.   The entrance hall is a wide, somewhat short area. It is connected to the outside by a sloping doorway, with a triangular portal window at the top near the roof. Carved artwork has been etched into the walls, while stone statues of Volkius and prominent Kings and Queens can be seen.   The Royal Hall is a tall rectangular hall, with a square opening at the very top for ventilation. It is mostly flat except for a raised half-circular dais near the far wall from the entrance, where the carved sandstone chair of the Archon is located. Bronze braziers burn at each corner of the hall. A shallow circular water feature has been cut into the floor just before the dais, fed by an underground well.   The Archon's chambers are somewhat shorter than the Royal Hall and can be accessed from an arch at the Hall's far side behind the throne. The chambers are divided into three sub-sections; the main chamber, a private dining area, and a washroom with a shallow bath and latrine serviced by clay piping.


After the foundation of the Kingdom of Mayoka in 1772 DoM, it was deemed that the kingdom would require an administrative center where the reigning monarch could meet with officials, decide on matters of state, carry out ceremonial duties and hear petitions from the people. It has remained more or less in its existing state for over two thousand years, with minimal changes needed.   The Palace has only been occupied once; in the conclusion of the Mayokan Civil War, the palace was infiltrated by the Volkian Rangers and was the site of the capture of Grand Archon Komon. The Royal Hall also saw a fight in the same night between members of the Rangers and the sorcerer Azari Kamri and his summoned Tempest demon, in which several Rangers and Kamri lost their lives.
Founding Date
1770 DoM
Parent Location
Owning Organization


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