Mayokati Reformation

Political event

459 TE - present

The Kingdom of Mayoka begins a number of reforms designed to move the Kingdom into a more liberal state.

In the aftermath of the Mayokan Civil War, it was abundantly clear that Mayoka's political and class systems were flawed and desperately in need of overhaul. While Mayoka had been a monarchy with a rigid class and restricted political system for centuries, this was clearly no longer going to work for the nation. Ultimately Vilio Komon's coup succeeded in part due to animosity towards the crown and the political system, and the false promises Komon presented of a more fair system led to a complete lack of resistance. Komon's coup was evidence that the system needed to be fixed, or such chaos and power struggles could commence again.   This was also emphasised in light of the city-state joining the Helikan League. The League was primarily headed by oligarchic city-states with no hereditary royal family, mainly ruled by councils of nobles. Ideas from the League flowed into Mayoka, and the concept of a new system became prevalent.   As one of her first acts on ascending the throne, Queen Isola inaugurated a number of changes to the Mayokan political system designed to distribute power in a more fair manner. Three major goals were proposed as part of these changes:

  • In the immediate term, granting greater rights involving property, autonomy and voting rights to the common people of Mayoka.
  • In the medium term, allowing universal participation in the political system from people of all classes.
  • In the long term, replacing the monarchy with a senatorial system overseen by an Archon.

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