Spire Isle

"Spire Isle - heart and soul of Solathi, seat of House Avila's power, home of one of the most wondrous buildings of our time."
-Halara Nassoi, natural philosopher, on her Treatise of Northern Calina
  Brightwater Isle, or as it is more commonly known, the Spire Isle, is one of the districts of the city of Solathi. It is named for its most prominent building, the Brightwater Spire, which is the administrative centre of the city-state of Solathi. The Isle is also the home of the reigning Dux of Solathi, and the seat of power of the House of Avila, the ruling noble house of the city-state.   The isle is located in the centre of the Galan River, surrounded on the west bank and east bank by the rest of the city of Solathi.


The Spire Isle is exclusively reserved for the Dux, their family, their attendants, civil servants and visiting dignitaries. While Solathine citizens of any class may visit the isle, they are not permitted to reside there. As a result, the demographics are somewhat skewed in comparison to the rest of the city, with a high proportion of local and foreign nobility. The remaining residents are mostly servants and workers of the wealthier middle class. The recent arrival of the Sunburst Legion as the contracted guards of House Avila has added a presence of Guardian-class Kalriv to the Isle's population.


Theoretically like the rest of Solathi, the Dux has absolute say over the Isle's governance. In truth, the Dux usually delegates the operation of the island to various bureaucrats, known as Scribes, who administer various facets of the island's operation. For example, the Scribe of Maintenance ensures the island is kept clean and fully operational at all times, the Scribe of Guests handles the needs of visiting dignitaries, et cetera.   The Captain-General of the Solathine Guard - presently Soros Avila, son of the Dux - handles law enforcement and security policy on the Isle. He is assisted by Trevik Kolyos, a Prime Spear of the Sunburst Legion.


The entire isle is protected by way of a tall limestone wall that encircles its perimeter, forcing access from two designated piers on the north and south ends of the isle. These piers are narrow and protected by guard towers and checkpoints, and are manned by Solathine Guard soldiers, supplemented by Kalriv legionaries from the Sunburst Legion.   To access the major courtyards on the north and south of the Spire courtyard, visitors must pass a walled gateway, protected by battlements and guard towers, also manned by a mixture of guardsmen and Kalriv legionaries. Finally, to access the Spire courtyard, a visitor must cross an elevated bridge over a deep square-shaped moat.   The Spire courtyard is guarded by a contingent of Kalriv legionaries, and the Spire itself is manned by their most elite men.


The Isle is broken down into three sub-districts dedicated to various facilities of governance, each with its own courtyard. They are divided into the simply-named northern subdistrict, southern subdistrict, and Spire subdistrict.   Northern Subdistrict: The northern subdistrict serves as an administrative centre for the Isle. The guard garrison is located here, as is a meeting hall for dignitaries and bureaucrats. Its westernmost section is walled off and built into a small park for the use of the Dux's family, featuring lawns, marble pathways, a small menagerie of birds, and private pools.   Southern Subdistrict: The southern district is dedicated to the various facilities and services that keep the Spire running. A fully stocked armoury and smithy can be found here, as can a bakery, kitchens and confectioner, among other services. These are all worked by the finest master artisans in Solathine territory; and beyond, in some cases.   Spire Courtyard: The Spire Courtyard, as the name suggests, is the courtyard that houses the Spire itself. This courtyard is separated from the other subdistrict by a rectangular moat around its perimeter. Whilst the Spire is this courtyard's primary focus, it also houses other features, such as a fully staffed temple of Essena, lawns and gardens.   The Brightwater Spire: This stone structure towers almost a hundred metres high, making it one of the largest buildings in the world, and easily the tallest in Solathi. The building is constructed of three tiers of limestone, each tier slightly narrower. The first two tiers are rectangular, while the top tier is cylindrical. Within the first tier, the Dux accepts audiences from citizens, meets with officials and administrators. The third tier houses apartments and living facilities for the Dux and their family.


Before Solathine independence in 214 TE, Brightwater Isle, as the island was then known, served as the colonial administration for the city, housing the Helikan governor and their staff. In practice it operated like a Helikan palace complex or town centre.   After the departure of the Helikan administration, the Isle remained the home of the governor, now known as the Dux of Solathi.
Founding Date
47 TE
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Spire Isle
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