Halara Nassoi

Halara Nassoi

Halara Nassoi is a philosopher and polymath living in the Duchy of Solathi, and served as the tutor of Soros and Kara Avila, of the reigning House of Avila and the offspring of the Dux. Nerala Avila. She is also one of Nerala’s most trusted advisors.

Physical Description

General Physical Condition

Halara is quite thin. Despite age slowly catching up, she is still in good athletic shape and exercises regularly.

Apparel & Accessories

Halara doesn't opt for much int he way of ostentatious dress, usually opting for a linen peplos in most normal settings.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Halara grew up in the city-state of Solathi to a middle-class family. Her father was a baker, and her mother worked as an engineer within the city, and it was from her that Halara first developed a scientific mind, developing a head for mathematics and literacy at a very young age. It is said she taught herself to read at the age of three, and was a near-flawless speller at five.

As a middle class member of Solathine society, Halara was given a basic education, but her inquiring mind and great intelligence quickly sought more than the basic, occupation-based training she received. To that end, she often spent her youth at the Solathine Library, reading extensively through the variety of texts and works kept there. As she grew older, she found herself listening to and even engaging in the debates of other philosophers and polymaths, and began to develop her own patterns of thinking and theories. Instead of following her parents' fields, she insisted on working with other academics and philosophers, eventually apprenticing herself to the natural philosopher Katmos Aratos, learning from him in exchange for carrying out his more onerous chores.

Having learned all she could from Katmos, she sought to learn more. At the age of twenty, Halara journeyed across the Calinan Sea to Arikanda and the Academy in the Heartlands, seeking to study under the greatest minds on the continent. She studied a number of disciplines such as general philosophy, mathematics, economics and science, and both read and composed extensive amounts of poetry and prose. She gained acclaim among her peers at twenty-seven, when she developed a theory to determine the hypotenuse of a triangle by using the areas of the other two sides. From there, she traveled to many cities in Arikanda to teach, learn and develop her research, and even ventured as far as the city of Kas, where she studied with Sembarine philosophers and scientists, the first Arikandan to do so.

When she returned home to Solathi after the passing of her father in 447, her reputation preceded her and she was approached by the young Dux of Solathi, Nerala Avila. Nerala's young son Soros had just reached an age where he was to begin his education, and Nerala sought Halara to teach him, followed by her newborn daughter Kara in the years to come. Halara took up the post and came to enjoy the role of a tutor. During that time, she developed a close friendship with Nerala and often became a source of advice. By the time Kara completed her education in 467 NE, Halara was considering moving into retirement, but at Nerala's pleading she remained as a philosopher in residence at the Brightwater Spire. She remains there to this day.

Gender Identity





Halara has had a very extensive education, even by the standards of the nobility of Solathi, let alone the middle class. Studying under Katmos Aratos gave her a solid general grounding in a variety of subjects, from economics, mathematics, science and astronomy. This was bolstered though her own independent research at the Library of Solathi.

At the Academy of Arikanda, Halara truly developed her knowledge, particularly in mathematics but also across a number of disciplines including history, physics, political theory and more. Her visit to the city of Kas also saw her exposed to Sembarine schools of thought and faith.


Contacts & Relations

Halara's years of service educating Soros and Kara Avila have earned Halara the trust and respect of Nerala Avila, and Nerala has come to rely Halara as a valuable source of advice. This gives Halara considerably sway with decisions the Dux might make relating to policies and the future direction of the Duchy. In recent years she's lost some of her influence to the Minister of Commerce, who masterminded the betrothal of Kara to Eliksen of Kjoqvist, but she is still extremely influential and her advice is sought not only by Nerala now, but also Soros as the Captain-General of the Solathine Guard and Kara as the heir apparent.

Religious Views

Halara is a practicing Elementalist, and believes her work and studies to be a way to better understand the nature of both the divine and the mundane world.
Current Location
Honorary & Occupational Titles
Fellow of the Library of Solathi
Master of Natural Philosophy (Academy of Arikanda)
Year of Birth
415 TE 54 Years old
Current Residence
Dark brown with strands of grey, shoulder length.
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
Light tan


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