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Northern Calina

"Desert, jungle, plains, river valleys; all that and more you can find on the northern edge of Calina."
-Katanya Xira, Avadian explorer
  Northern Calina is, as the name suggests, the northernmost region of the continent of Calina. It is home to the Calinani people, along with a number of Avadian outposts and the city-states of Maganti and Solathi.   It is divided into the following regions;
  • The Marai Desert, a wide desert stretching from the mid-point of the north coast to the far northeast of the continent.
  • The Galan River, a winding river that empties into the Calinan Sea, and the fertile floodplain and delta that surrounds the river.
  • The Arzai Jungle, a dense jungle on the central northern coast.
  • The Ayaran Plains, a region of grasslands and savannahs in Calina's northwest.
  • Tenun, an island off the northwestern coast of Calina.

Fauna & Flora

Animals ranging through Northern Calina vary depending on location. Antelope and ibex are a common sight in the north and northeast, while in the jungles of the west a variety of birds, frogs, lizards and primates can be found. The fertile northeast sees exotic birds, peacocks, flamingos, crocodiles and even lions.
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