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"All we know about where Kamri came from is that it's somewhere in Calina; beyond that tiny northern part that we know exists. He might as well have come from the moon for all we know about it. We do know there are sorcerers there, and Kamri isn't the only one." -Prince Randarus of Mayoka, to his general staff during the Mayoka Civil War.
  South of the Calinan Sea and stretching far beyond the known world, Calina is a continent of mystery and intrigue.   The vast majority of the continent is unknown to the peoples of the Calinan Sea, with the northern regions being the most familiar. These reaches are divided between the indigenous Calinani peoples, along with ports and settlements founded by Avadians and Tanorites, some of which have even becomen independent city-states such as Solathi and Maganti.   The continent stretches thousands of kilometres to the south, where deep jungles, arid desert, broad plains and foreboding mountains seem to reach eternally. It is said that other mysterious kingdoms and peoples exist beyond those inhospitable reaches, but little to no contact has ever been made.
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