Arzai Jungle

"I would not recommend taking the Arzai Jungle lightly, wayfarer. Many have come to an end in there; and not just from the cassowaries or tigers. Even the most unassuming of frogs or appealing of plants can be your undoing."   -Advice from a Magantine local to an Avadian adventurer.
The Arzai Jungle is a region of extensive subtropical jungle in Northern Calina, stretching southwards from the city-state of Maganti well beyond the parts of Calina that are known to the Three Empires.


The Arzai Jungle is a dense rainforest in north-central Calina, stretching hundred of miles southwards. It is mostly heavily forested, although there are occasional clearings of moss and grass, and small ponds and rivers can be found throughout. A number of Calinani villages and towns, constructed carefully to avoid damaging the local surrounds, are also sparsely dotted through the jungle.

In one of the larger clearings in the central jungle, the temple complex of Kalor-Gai can be found. This is the main temple city for the Orders of the Elements, and is made up of five walled compounds dedicated to each order.

In the far south of the jungle, the trees begin to become less dense until they eventually peter out into the tropical grassland that makes up a great deal of central Calina.

Fauna & Flora

The Arzai Jungle is home to an extensive range of flora and fauna. Most of the foliage found in the Arzai are tall, leafy palms and ferns that spread out and form a dense canopy over most of the region. A variety of colourful flowering plants can be found as well including some large carnivorous variants large enough to trap entire lizards and frogs.

Various animals can be found throughout the jungle. Brightly coloured birds such as parakeets, parrots, birds of paradise and even flamingos can be found in the trees and at various parts of the canopy. In the northern parts of the jungle, magmahawks can be found venturing beyond their usual volcanic habitats in search of food. Calinan cassowaries can also be found in the eastern stretches of the jungle floor.

There is also a variety of reptilian and amphibian life found in the jungles, a great deal of it venomous. Brightly coloured snakes and frogs can regularly be found, and both monitor lizards and large komodos can be found. Dangerous animals such as panthers and tigers also live here, as do monkeys.

Natural Resources

The Arzai Jungle is home to a large range of natural resources usable by man. In addition to wood from trees and fibres from plants, berries and fruits are often cultivated by the local Calinani rangers. Meat and hides are also sought after from the larger mammals, and some of the lizards, reptiles and plants are also sought after for their venom.
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