Orders of the Elements

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  The Orders of the Elements, as they are formally known, are the followers of the Elemental Gods in Northern Calina. Originally composed of missionaries and monks sent to the Avadian colony of Maganti, they now operate as their own independent bodies dedicated to Elementalism.


Unlike the Elemental hierarchy in Arikanda, the Orders operate as a group of independent temples in Maganti they have a presence in. Each temple is led by a Guide, who guides the brothers and sisters of the order.

Public Agenda

Similarly to the Templars in Arikanda, the Orders official agenda is to represent the interests of the Elemental Gods.


Elemental Monks wear a simple uniform consisting of a loose linen shirt with silk pants and a sash. These are coloured in accordance with the colours of their order.

Granted Divine Powers

All monks in the Orders have some degree of divine power granted to them, although this is tied in with manipulation of their own ki energy. It is understood that an Order monk is able to add their god's elemental aspects to their ki powers; for example, Balaran firedancers can perform minor pyrotechnics or augment their strikes with flames, or ignore fire for a short period.
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Alternative Names
Elemental Monks
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