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"You wouldn't think some hole in the desert like Lygon would attract interest - but that hole just happens to be full of enough gemstones and copper to make a man insanely rich. And so we'll remain."
-a resident of Lygon
  Lygon is a mining town and holding of the Duchy of Solathi on the east bank of the Galan River, about 250 kilometres south of the city of Solathi. It is situated close to the southeastern reaches of the Marai Desert.   It is an isolated settlement of middling size, however despite this, interest has bloomed in it in recent years, with travellers from as far away as Kjoqvist taking an interest in it. The reason for this is that Lygon is close to one of the most prominent caches of gemstones and metal ores in Calina. Essenite, emeralds and rubies are just some of the resources that can be found in the town.


Most of Lygon's residents are from Solathi and surrounding lands, although it has recently seen an influx of Kjor. A small number of Dhar and other Calinani peoples also reside in the town.


Lygon is administered in accordance with the laws of the Duchy of Solathi. A governor has been appointed to oversee the town, report to the Dux, and implement any decrees or rulings. The governor is in turn assisted by a town council.


Lygon is lightly defended, with a log perimeter wall and wooden guard towers being the primary forms of defensive infrastructure.

Industry & Trade

Mining is the primary industry in Lygon due to the wealth of gemstones and metals in the cliffs and rocky ground of the eastern Marai. Copper and stones are mined in the cliffs, then brought back and refined in the settlement itself. From there, they are loaded onto barges and exported downriver to Solathi or up-river towards the Calinan nation of Baropa. There is also a modest sandstone mining operation in the desert.   Most additional industries in the town are aimed towards supporting mining operations, such as farming, preparing food for miners and their families, and manufacturing mining equipment.


Due the forbidding expanse of the Marai, river travel is the only real way to travel any major distances away from the city. A large port has been set up along the banks of the Galan to facilitate this. Being a recently-built town, Lygon has been built on a grid pattern, which facilitates easy transit. A major road leaves the town from the east, connecting the city to many of the more prominent mine sites.

Guilds and Factions

The settlement is under the ownership of the Kingdom of Solathi, and has a considerable Solathine Guard garrison present.   The Kjoqvist-Calinan Trading Company has become the most prominent non-governmental organisation in Lygon in recent years, with the town becoming one of the key focal points for the Kjor expansion into the Calinan Sea. They have set up a trade outpost and refinery for the collection and export of gemstones and metal, and have even been able to negotiate exclusive access to some of the caches.


Due to the metals and gemstones that are readily available in the hills, Lygon draws in a lot of workers from Solathi to the north, seeking to make their own fortune in the mines.


Lygon is built along the east banks of the Galan River and its fertile floodplain, granting a respite from the blazing sand and stone of the Marai Desert. The floodplain and river extend to the north and south, while to the east are the blasted rocks and cliffs of the Eastern Marai.
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