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The Moon is a very special rock. It looms in the sky and garners the admiration and wonder of billions of human beings every day. It is no wonder then that pieces of the moon would be unique in their own way.   Moonstones are the polished and refined version of moon-rocks, which themselves are literally just pieces of rock from the moon. The rocks themselves are unremarkable and are primarily composed of silicon, aluminum, calcium, magnesium, and iron with trace amounts of other elements not at all unique from rocks one might find on Earth. Some people believe that moon-rocks are primarily composed of silver but this is a misunderstanding. The dust that covers the moon has unusually large amounts of silver in it, but the actual rock the moon is made of is more or less the same as Earth.   Despite the elemental composition being unremarkable moon-rock is incredibly reactive to magic. When refined into moonstones this quality is enhanced even further allowing for the creation of amulets and ring-stones that can house far more potent enchantments than such things made from more common Earth stones would allow. Moonstone not only holds the enchantment for longer but seems to make the enchantment more potent than would otherwise be possible while also reducing the likelihood of a misfire when casting the spell enchanted into the stone.   Moonstone wands are by far the most potent wands available. Usually they are made of strands of silver twisted around a series of small moonstones in the form of a hand-held rod. The wand is then enchanted with whatever spell it was meant to carry. The sheer quality of a moonstone wand makes it an item of high value normally only available to the especially rich and powerful. Moonstone wands are normally reserved for carrying unique or rare enchantments that lesser substances would find difficulty handling, though moonstone wands that carry basic enchantments aren’t unheard of. Such novelties are usually used by the exceptionally rich who’d be willing to pay the extra cost for the quality of the wand even if it isn’t strictly necessary for the level of enchantment being put into it.   While there are some earth-bound substances that can compare or exceed a moonstone amulet or wand when wielding certain kinds of enchantments the sort of magic moonstone seems especially capable of carrying are spells of transformation and change. Spells that transmute once substance into another or alter the shape of a person’s form. For this reason moonstone is near exclusively used for enchantments meant to transform someone into something else. After all, the cost of a misfire when changing the nature of one’s own body is a swift and horrifying death.

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