Osmerite (Oss-mer-ite)

It looks like quartz. A smokey quartz. But smokey quartz doesn't absorb flames or power a lightning ship. And don't get me started on those 'sun blades'
Osmerite is a type of hard, crystalline mineral with either amber, copper, red or other veins of color running through them. The result is a crystal with a 'smokey' or 'cloudy' appearance. When exposed to a light source, the veins will then pulse and emit a light that is tinted in a complimentary color to the vein impurities.
The mineral is an uncommon occurrence in most mines. But some places are noted for their unusual amount of the useful mineral, such as the Coffer Hills on the boundary between the Shattered Lands and the Ice Reach Mountains. In fact, Baroq Station, which is at the edge of the Coffer Hills, relies on this mineral as its primary source of trade goods.

A Balance of Natures

The mineral, this crystal, is more than just a pretty rock. It's a direct conduit between magic and the physical world.
— Skyfarer Tolthion Reanast Korenold
Osmerite is, by all reports from magic workers, a balance between magic and the other natural elements. There are several theories as to how it is formed but no amount of technomancer sorcery has revealed their actual origin. The most common theory is these veins of mineral result from a failed transformation spell cast over an extensive region. So far, no one has proved this.
This makes the mineral highly sought after by technomages, cyphermonk orders, gadgeteers, and others. The magic of the mineral makes this twice as durable as quartz, yet highly sensitive to magic and energy. For this reason, osmerite is one of the many key materials used in making different types of device components, rune stones, and even Rune-Keys to power lightning ships, lightbows, and more.

A Particular Sort of Quality

The mineral, when it is found, often appears in mines rich in manganese and copper running through clay saturated with iron oxides. But unlike its quartz cousin, osmerite carries unique properties that allow it to stand out.
Light emanates from the mineral when exposed to energy, such as sunlight or even candlelight. Magical spells and other enchantments have a stronger or more lasting effect when used with this type of mineral. Different colors, or impurities in the stones indicate an affinity for certain types of energy or magic. Amber or orange osmerite react well to sunlight or fire. Blue and green osmerite respond to elemental magics that are water or plant based.


Osmerite isn't rare but uncommon. Most copper mines have found at least a thin vein of osmerite, but most turn out to be ordinary quartz deposits. When found, most osmerite deposits are small, spiked stones jutting out along copper veins. But in locations known to be an area rich in magic, or haunted, deposits of osmerite can grow to be several meters in length and weight up to hundreds of kilograms.
There’s a rumor that osmerite, or some of it, is the result of an thousand year old protection force spell that reacted to the corruptive blast of magical radiation the KILLJOY and his Dark Horde unleashed at the end of the Final War. If so, where did that force spell come from? What else did that spell's creator leave behind?
— Skyfarer Tolthion Reanast Korenold
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Common State
Solid (crystal)
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