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"The Shard. Note: legal tender. Material type: biomaterial, made by crystalized Ziel. Place of origin: Typhon's Caldera. Replicability: complex, near impossible. Details: speculative science dictates that the Shard is actually the flaked crust of Fodizhna's scales. Material analysis confirms that it is a combination of both living and unliving material."
---Scientific journal of Origin-Name Ye'di'ng, Located in the National Library

History & Usage


Shard was discovered in and around the smouldering Caldera, left by the Great Drake as He escaped the island. The Council was the first to respond to the devastating blast, and had to figure out what to do with it. A team of scientists were tasked to check the remains for anything that could be of use; the concensus was that, although it emits a constant aura of energy, it had very limited applications.

Everyday use

Shard is used as the currency of Typhon's Teeth, as one of the many things the Daemon did in respect to Typhon. In large enough quantities, the energy emitted by the Shard can interrupt transmission waves; as such, it is used within Family Beacons to keep the island largely undetectable by humans.

Cultural Significance and Usage

As Shard is a derivative of Ziel, it is sometimes used in meditation or crystal therapy, as it is believed to absorb energies as well as emit them. For some, however, they try to ground up the crystals and ingest them, with the belief that this will push them towards Superadultdom. Not only is this dangerous, it is highly illegal within Typhon's Teeth, as it is seen as destroying legal tender.


Law & Regulation

As it is used as legal tender, Shard has a long list of regulations regarding its use. A gist of the rules are as follows:

  1. The distribution and exchange of Shard from other currencies is only allowed by Lith-regulated banks.
  2. Shard can be exchanged for goods and services, or non-currency money [e.g. fruit, livestock, etc].
  3. Shard may not be hoarded in excess of over 50 imperial pounds, outside of Lith-regulated banks.
  4. Modification, manipulation, or destruction of any Shard is grounds for indentured servitude or exile.
Outside of Typhon's Teeth, a Daemon must find a Cambion Bank in order to exchange Shard into human currency. It is still subject to the same laws as on the mainland; since The Council has no jurisdiction over human lands, the Cambion see it more like a suggestion, especially since most of them already feel exiled.
1 Shard = 2500 Credits
Limited in Quantity
Common State
Solid with Plasma core
Related Species

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