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Frost Steel

The Frozen Noble Metal

Underneath protective furs, a Dwarf studies the small piece of metal that he is forging. A single misstep can have him quickly frozen to his tools and anvil with little way to free himself, even with the layers of clothing he wears. He delicately moves the metal with heavy gloves and insulated tongs, hoping that he won’t lose a hand or finger to frostbite in the meantime.   Frost Steel is one of the many special metals in Isekai, but is one of the more deadly to obtain and forge. Referred to as one of the Noble Metals, the shining blues are more at home on the open sea or tucked within a Blacksmith's arsenal. Unlike the other Noble Metals, Frost Steel will not be found simply decorating buildings or facades, one will find it in weapons, armor, in blacksmith shops, and amongst the tools of the seafarer. While not common, the metal is extremely helpful and sought after in certain circles.   This frozen metal is quick to freeze things around it if not handled correctly. Its frigid nature allows it to repel extreme heat, making it useful in the Dwarven forges against the high heat of Flare Steel. Tools that do not melt or corrode are important to the forging of the Dwarves, a process that brings forth the greatest quality metals in Isekai.


Physical & Chemical Properties

If refined properly, Frost Steel has the possibility of freezing anything in the vicinity or that it touches. This metal repels heat and can reach extremely low temperatures. Frost Steel also cannot rust or corrode.

Geology & Geography

Frost Steel is often found in areas of high altitude and low temperatures, usually in the Neither Tundra and in the higher peaks of the Spine of Kallex.
Ranging in color from a light blue to a darker, clearer blue. The metal often has patterns in it that looks like frost on a window.
Melting / Freezing Point
Has an extremely high freezing point, but can freeze most things that come into contact with it at lower temperatures
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2 Aug, 2021 21:52

Interesting material. Those heat repelling properties sure do sound useful especially for non melting tools.

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16 Aug, 2021 15:40

'The metal often has patterns in it that looks like frost on a window.' Ooooo, pretty! This sounds like an interesting material, and I'm curious about reading about the other noble metals in the future. :D

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