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Tanllyd Crystals

There are sometimes many uses to a material, but Tanllyd Crystals... has one that is unfortunate in my eyes for an otherwise potentially good looking jewel.
— Everam, Teller of Nimenra
From the caves and some of the underground systems found in Narzuvim's, southwestern hillside one can find crystal formations with crystals that are a light red. When light is shone through them, a "flame" of light forms as the light bounces around inside. The Tanllyd Crystals are of great use for jewellers who need an alternative to train on. But if one finds such crystals, they can make two choices: Sell them to crystal jewellers or make Tanllyd Ashes.


Material Characteristics

As a mineral in crystal form, its formation is of quite large, opaque curved-pointed bundles with four to seven of these crystals. It is only when one polishes the surface that the lighter reds are seen and with light shining through at different angels, one can be sure that they have a Tanllyd Crystal. Only about 30 centimetres from the top can be used due to the crystal further down having hardened to the point of getting good form is quite impossible due to it becoming brittle when loosened from its large formation. The lower parts are also much darker and taste bitter and stale when made into the Tallyd Ashes.

Geology & Geography

Crystal formations are found down deep in cave tunnels. What forms it is not entirely explained but it is quite regional in that it is only found in the southwestern hills and mountain regions in Narzuvim. According to the Vampire Duchies, however, there are similar crystals to the Tanllyd Crystals in the eastern mountain regions though in lesser numbers.
12 Gold
Misty/Light Red
Common State

Tanllyd Ashes

While the crystal can seem unassuming and be used as jewellery for the average man and a good beginners jewellers material, one can use the crystal to create something else. Tanllyd Ashes are a product made from grounding the crystal and slowly heating the "ashes" that are left. When done, one has a substance that, when ingested, gives off a heated but blissful sensation in and around the body of the person. This classes it as a drug since it is used both as a strong pain milder and for recreation by those who can afford it themselves.
The danger of addiction is unknown. While the use of it is not banned, the trade is unrestricted and the danger is not fully understood, some have their eyes on it. For what reasons that is not entirely known.

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1 Aug, 2021 00:31

I really like the idea of the ash being a drug. Particularly those who wish there could be more uses for it. It seems like there’s perhaps more than meets the eye with these crystals.

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18 Aug, 2021 13:23

Yes, we will see what more we can make of them. I have the picture of crystals being used most in real life for jewellery and more modern machining and chemistry in some cases. In fantasy, magic is well connected to crystals in some way, amplifying abilities etc. I wanted to make something else, and the ashes just, stuck. Will have to look into more uses for the crystal in the future.

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