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Kings Crown Mushroom

Kings Crown's are a vital staple if not the most important export of Imbaru. The Kings Crown is a Large Mushroom that grows deep in the Swamps of Rabum. It gets its name from its distinct crown-like look and the deep amber color of the cap. As the mushroom matures the flat of the cap begins forming ridges that start to flare up into the sky creating points like that of a crown. The older the mushroom becomes the higher the points and more intense of a flavor and scent that is put off. The Kings Crown is considered to be a delicacy even with the risk of the consumers becoming incredibly ill or even dying if not prepared correctly.

History & Usage

Everyday use

the common use of the King's Crown is as a vessel for an important meal. the caps get large enough to hold foods inside of it and are used as a presentation platter. all though not normal for common people to buy occasionally smaller crowns are harvested by the gatherers and used for important milestones in a person's life such as finishing an apprenticeship or marriage.

Cultural Significance and Usage

One Cap sold to the market can help sustain the entire city of Imbaru for close to a month. while there are other fungi and exports that come from the city the taxes collected off one cap can help fund many of the needs for the city including deck repairs, water purification, and lighting.


The Kings Crown can not be consumed directly after it is picked. to make it suitable for consumption the chief needs to first remove the gills of the cap. the gills hold a powerful toxin the can render a victim paralyzed, comatose, or even dead. Then after the gills are removed the cap must be baked until the amber of the cap is almost a bronze-like color and the underside look like charcoal. If the cap is not cooked thoroughly then the toxins in the cap may still remain and harm the consumers.

Byproducts & Sideproducts

One of the common by-products of the Mushroom is a poison called the King's Grave. The poison is an extremely powerful toxin that will kill a person within 30 seconds of it interim the victim's bloodstream.
On Average 10000gp
Immature caps are uncommon, fully mature caps ready for harvest rare, and larger caps are extremely rare
Savory, Mildly sweet, Meat like
Amber and black

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