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A rare ice crystal found in the Frozen Wastes that has an insanely high melting point. Often used by artificers and advanced magic users to craft unique weapons or focuses.


Material Characteristics

Solid ice crystals found in varying sizes. Gives off a light blue or white glow frosting everything around it.

Physical & Chemical Properties

Anything that touches the crystal would receive immediate frostbite, thus must be handled with extreme caution. It is innately a solid as the ice slowly grows from freezing water as it collects on it any times over for eons.    It is naturally extremely sharp on points and edges with a hardness comparable to tungsten.    Furthermore, it is shockingly light making it a favorite for adventurers.


Commonly used as a component for cold based spells to make them more powerful and effective.

Geology & Geography

The only place known to produce Venheim is the Frozen Wastes in the Moldur Region making it a very rare mineral and heavily sought after by those with the wealth to purchase it.

Origin & Source

Found inside the core of iced over caverns that fill with ocean water during the summer season and then freezes.

Life & Expiration

Known to be unmeltable there has never been a known recording of a Venheim crystal of losing it's properties. It is a common enchantable weapon as well being great at storing resistance protections for the user.

History & Usage

Everyday use

Mainly used by the uber wealthy and powerful adventurers, Venheim is commonly used in famous weapons such as Frostbrand or Icevein. These weapons are oftentimes enchanted as Venheim is great at storing arcane energy and since it is so rare it makes sense to make the few contained as potent as possible.    Other uses include portal rooms or more advanced arcane engines making use of it to prevent the heat from certain realms from causing a change in ecosystem in the nearby environment.

Cultural Significance and Usage

Venheim is important to the village of Tarofall as it is one of the mainstays of their economy as they sell it to High Moldur  It has become so important though that it has become used in many official ceremonies as parts of staffs, crowns, or other regalia.

Manufacturing & Products

Weapons, advanced cooling systems, and arcane reservoirs are all base products that come from Venheim.


Handling of this mineral is very dangerous and wearers must use specially enchanted gloves at all stages of handling it. Touching it will cause certain frostbite that usually requires amputation and simply being too close can still give less severe cases of hypothermia and frostbite.


Trade & Market

The mineral itself is sold by the town of Tarofall to High Moldur who is the main producer of goods made from Venheim.    Other major cities such as Destus also have smaller supplies for their own use.


This item when stored usually maintains certain enchanted covers to prevent accidental freezes from it.


Very Rare
Typically on a scale of ice blue to transparent
Boiling / Condensation Point
6000 Fahrenheit
Melting / Freezing Point
5000 Fahrenheit
Common State


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