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Frozen Wastes


The Frozen Wastes is aptly named for being a cold and barren wasteland devoid of almost any life. An inhospitable tundra that forms the furthest point north on The Continent with what is regarded as the coldest natural location in the known land of Tomeria.    There are stretches of mountain that quickly devolves into large thick sheets of ice with large amounts of snow making it near impossible to tell when you've left ground and made it to ice. Slowly the ice turns into the Polar Tides sea before reaching the rest of the ocean.


The ecosystem in the Frozen Wastes is quite frugal mostly consisting of smaller animals that spend most of their time hibernating. Due to the insanely low temperatures commonly reaching -40 degrees Fahrenheit during 2/3 of the year, the organisms that live here must do most of their foraging and hunting during the 2 summer months.   Due to the rise in temperatures during the summer months many of the large ice sheets that cover the land melt leaving plenty of resources and minerals underneath ripe for the taking. It is also known for being the only source of Venheim which is a natural home for ice wraiths and other elementals that make their home here.

Ecosystem Cycles

The Frozen Wastes is home to practically 2 seasons. The normal season brings frigid temperatures where the land seemingly becomes devoid of life.    The other season brings in many different small and hardy dwarven tribes that wish to mine for resources as the ice sheets melt away for a short couple months and the creatures come out from hibernation to stock up in the short time period. During this season the Frozen Wastes become a dangerous place as the race for resources begins with Dwarves oftentimes having to be heavily armed to fend off the local wildlife.

Fauna & Flora

Local flora is quite rare as most of the time the land is covered completely with snow. During the summer season however many of the hardier berry bushes flourish due to the richness of the soil. However planting is nigh impossible as the roots of all current plants there are very extensive as to not perish during the cold season.    Animals are simlarly hardy creatures that consist of the largest of reindeers, foxes, and smaller rodents.

Natural Resources

The Frozen Wastes is home to vast amounts of different minerals in large abundance such as sulfur, iron, gold, and lots of gems like sapphire or quartz.    Also home to the Frozen Wastes is the rare crystal Venheim and has been the attraction and death to many daring adventurers looking to strike it rich.
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