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High Moldur

The seat of power in the Moldur Kingdom, it is home to the Dwarven King and council of stone. It is known for it's very large economy, excellent smithy's, and technological advancement, and is widely considered the most successful city in existence as, at least from the outside, appears to have much less corruption then Destus while rivaling or surpassing it in most other areas.


The various ranks of societal status are divided amongst a caste system that is correlated with precious metals.   Ore. The lowest rank. Used to mean filthy or criminal, and strongly insulting.   Bronze. The working class. Can also be used to mean a low-rank imposter.   Copper. Acceptable working class.   Steel. Best of the working class, or military.   Silver. A rising merchant or one with much potential.   Gold. One whose wealth was inherited, or one who was wealthy without business sense.   Platinum. The head of a mercantile house.   Adamantine. The highest self-made rank.   Mithral. Perfection. The highest possible rank.


The government of High Moldur is an established Oligarchy that is ran by a king residing at the head of a council of six. The council is comprised of the heads of individuals from the what is knowns as the Veined Guilds


High Moldur is an extremely defensible city, being nestled inside a valley in the Moldur Mountains. Containing three massive walls of varying size and resiliency. All of the walls are lined with varying types of armanent and while tradidtionally held catapults, archers, and other long range weapons, since the technological revolution you will find it lined with massive war machines such as the Divine Cannons.

Industry & Trade

Starting out as a mere mining powerhouse High Moldur has grown into the second most economically important city of The Continent   . It produces a wide variety of exports but most notably a extremely tight and regulated firearms industry, constructs sales, and a large rare gem and minerals export.    Most people will find themselves working in the mines but as time goes on the above ground work opportunity for High Moldur's inhabitants has increased tremendously with many jobs being now done by constructs.


The infrastructure of High Moldur was initially focused mainly around their smithy's and as a weapon producing settlement. By the time of the 4th era though the technological advancements from arcane users entering the city following the War of Endless Aggression  led to a huge boom in infrastructure.    This led to the city becoming an industrial powerhouse through the use of enchanting and bringing constructs to life. It then quickly became known for it's excellent sewer system, large and powerful blast furnaces in the Forges of Turgan, and it's one of a kind Arcane Rails .

Guilds and Factions

High Moldur is home to a number of guilds and factions with the most prominent being the Adamantine Caste, Ignatium Guild, Overlanders, and Crafthurum Guild.   Other notable groups include the Karis Church, Fjorjar Craftsmen, and other smaller groups.
Population: 120,000 (80% Dwarves, 10% Gnomes, 5% Human, 5% other)   Government: Oligarchy, led by a council   Defense: Moldur Army   Commerce: Firearms, Arms and Armor, Minerals, Enchanted Items, and Constructs   Organizations: Karis Church, Grimm   Religions: The Creation Church
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