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A town in the southeast part of the Moldur Region . It is a small town known for it's nice tavern and being a good stop inbetween Kesserquay and Dangerfaire .


~50% Dwarves ~35% Humans ~15% Other


Town Council with the local dryad Rosa having an important say in any external issues.


A classic cliche of small medieval town with a noticeable difference in having both an inn and a tavern as separate buildings due to a family dispute.   Contains a smithy, lumber mill, an inn that also acts as a general store, and a tavern. Also has a local merchant staging area for travelers heading to High Moldur.

Points of interest

Silvergrove Mill - Lumber Mill and the focus of the Silvergrove Blight. The Ragnee Inn -
~300 as of Colonization Era
Location under
Owning Organization

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