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Kesser Province

The southeast area of the Moldur Region which includes the towns of Silvergrove, Ishtavault, Kesserbreak, Kesserquay, and Owlglow.


It is a temperate region with cold winters and mild summers. Large coniferous forests cover the region alongside mountainous terrain with sporadic valleys and rivers running throughout the area. More staple creatures include large wolves with dire wolves not being uncommon, massive bears, and elk travel throughout the region.

Fauna & Flora

There are many dangerous creatures throughout the Kesser Province including a long established and territorial Hill Giant family, draconic creatures in the mountains that border the northern part of the province including rumors that a High Dragon once lived there, and deep large creatures of the lakes.   The flora of the Kesser Province is simlilar to what you'd find in much of the southern part of the Moldur Region and is filled with coniferous trees, large swaths of mossy undergrowth, and lichens that cover the rockier parts of the area.

Natural Resources

The Kesser Province is located in the southeastern part of the Moldur Region, and similar to the Hilde Province, is known for its production of general ores and lumber. Unlike the Hilde Province it does not have much in the way of unique ores to distinguish it and instead relies on containing two of the three gateway towns into the Moldur Region. This causes travel to become quite important in the province and has become a cornerstone of the economy since the end of the War of Endless Aggression.


The Kesser Province like much of the Moldur Region has led a relatively peaceful history outside of the War of Endless Aggression  .    The majority of the history in the Kesser Province revolves around the individual town's expansions and their feuds with the local nature spirits, notably Dryads. This culminated in the Kesser-Dryad War where many nature spirits banded together to wage organized raids on the settlements of the province.
Forest, Boreal (Coniferous)
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