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Ashencrag is run by a council of elders and has a chief elder who acts as the public face of the town. The chief elder pays yearly taxes to High Moldur, but otherwise has little contact with the outside world, and tends to take care of their own.

Industry & Trade

Ashencrag is a primarily agricultural town. Many of its citizens are farmers or fishers; in the growing season, they farm nutrient-rich but tasteless vegetables and use small boats to fish, and in the frigid winters, they supplement their food stores with ice fishing. Ashencrag's taxes to High Moldur are almost all paid in these nutrient-rich vegetables, and these vegetables are given out to the city's poor who cannot afford food without assistance.   Ashencrag also has a few small manufacturing businesses. There is a young dwarf who sells crossbows that he makes by hand as taught by his parents and grandparents before them, but only can make a small number per year. There is a tannery that sells furs and leather armors made from any local animals that get too close to the walls, and they can make a leather/wood shield upon request. Finally, the elders of Ashencrag maintain a small building with several beds inside that is primarily used by tax collectors or other official visitors, but it can be used to house travelers for a small fee.


The town has a short stone wall surrounding it, with several crossbow posts along the walls as lookouts and early defenders. There is minor irrigation outside the city walls which helps to grow their plants in the short growing season.

Points of interest

The fertile, flat stretch of land surrounding Ashencrag are what allows it to produce so much food for itself and High Moldur. The proximity to the sea also helps to supplement their farming with some fish, and this water has also helped them to irrigate the fields to maximize their crop yields. The flat lands also mean that any wild animals or Folkin  can be seen from long away, and the crossbowmen on the walls can deal with any potential threats.


Most people live in wood huts with straw insulation, and snow is used in the winters to further insulate against the cold. The wealthier and more elder members of Ashencrag have stone foundations and walls with wood and straw roofs. Many of these buildings look somewhat haphazardly assembled, but they are sturdy and have weathered many seasons.


For most of the year, the land and water are frozen over, and several feet of snow cover the ground at the height of winter. However, for about a third of the year, the ground thaws and is filled with enough nutrients to grow massive crops of quick-growing vegetables before the frosts of winter return. During this summer season, the weather is temperate and comfortable for the inhabitants, giving them a short break from the blistering, bleak winters.

Natural Resources

Ashencrag does not have much in the form of natural resources, but they are able to scrounge wood from the few trees in the areas and stones from the ground. They also have fertile soils for farmland, fresh and saltwater for fishing and drinking, and wild animals that they can hunt for furs and meat.
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