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Kesserquay (kess-ur-kway)

A larger town in the southeast part of the Moldur Region . Known for the large Kesserquay Fort and its role in the War of Endless Aggression   and as one of the major gateway towns into the Moldur Region.


20% - Halflings   40% - Dwarves   30% - Humans   10% - Other


Like many towns in the Moldur Region the town of Kesserquay is ran by a town council that is elected by the people with a head mayor that is approved by High Moldur.


Due to being a major gateway to the rest of the Moldur Kingdom the town of Kesserquay was outfitted to be able to hold off a large force in the event of a hostile army making it through the passes in the Dwarven Vastness  The town had permanent barracks large enough to hold up to 500 troops with room for emergency barracks that could support well over 1000 troops. The defenses consisted largely of guard posts spread throughout the pass with the idea of stopping the army before they ever made it through the mountains. Large towers were constructed in key areas of the passes that would throw down rocks, arrows, and Grimm Fire.

Industry & Trade

The industry of Kesserquay is centered around trade services and goods, along with housing and providing transportation throughout the region. Due to it being a major gateway town, Kesserquay sees varying degrees of wealth in the travelers that pass through the town. This has led to a wider range of hospitality provided in the town to shabby inn/tavern combos all the way to wealthy riverfront diners.    Furthermore, Kesserquay contains a barge that floats down the Kesserquay River and a caravan that takes tourists to the magnificent Kesser Waterfall.


Due to Kesserquay acting as one of the gateway cities in the Moldur Region the infrastructure is top notch. Most of the town is built out of stone and heavy timber, sporting nice taverns, inns, bridges, stables, alongside large watermills that help power the industrial side of the town.   The industrial side of the town contains several medium sized blast furnaces, lumber mills, and even a small drydock and port for small vessels that can make it up and down the Kesserquay River.   Unique to larger cities and the gateway towns into the Moldur Kingdom, Kesserquay includes a successful sewer system throughout the districts outside of the residential areas, alongside firefighting regiments, and trained guard post.


There are 3 main districts in Kesserquay, the industrial district, travelers district, and the scattered residential areas.   The industrial district of Kesserquay was built to be more of a show of the work related to the area when the designers out of High Moldur planned the town. This led to the creation of several smelting furnaces to create ingots for the shops in the traveler's district to put to use. The mills in the district are used mainly for the construction and upkeep of the town with the largest of trees and lumber coming from Silvergrove and being refined and cut down to specific sizes in Kesserquay. Finally, the drydock and port are used to haul fish and other goods from the town of Kesserbreak.   The Traveler's District is composed of an assortment of shops, taverns, and inns that are for the residents of Kesserbreak  along with the incoming travelers just entering the Moldur Region  Finally, the residential district is a scattered assortment of town houses closest to the town and spreads to the typical affair of farmhouses and their respective plots of land.

Guilds and Factions

As a major gateway town, Kesserquay contains a hefty number of Karis Church operations as they keep track of those wishing to move to the Moldur Kingdom for tax and income purposes. Here they decide where the new migrants will move to with the majority going to High Moldur  Like the other gateway towns Kesserquay contains a representative of most of the Veined Guilds to find notable immigrants and potential guildmembers.


While the largest town of the Kesser Province, it is not the oldest and was actually established by the High Moldur government. As the Moldur Kingdom was shifting into a more organized form of government from its traditional clan-based structure it was decided they would need gateway towns to keep things orderly and efficient. Kesserquay was decided to be one of those towns and was carefully planned by the Agarland Engineers.

Points of interest

  • Industrial District
  • Travelers District
  • Kesser Waterfall 


The architecture around Kesserquay is similar to the other towns built by the Agarland Engineers, and is focused on stability, durability, and ease of maintenance. You will find many of the foundations of buildings, bridges, and roads to be stone, with main roads being made of cobblestone.    The design itself is simple and consists of straight and boxy designs for many of the buildings with very few archways or curved designs as that reduced efficiency in the area used by the buildings.


Kesserquay is situated right outside Kesser Pass which is found in a temperate forest at the foothills of the Dwarven Vastness. The Kesserquay River runs right through the Industrial District and provides running water to the lumber mills along with freshwater to the town.

Natural Resources

Kesserquay consists of the same natural resources beholden to most of the Kesser Province with it's large coniferous forests, ore filled mountains, with plenty of wild game in the areas around town.
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