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The main village outside High Moldur and is the crossroads to the southern part of the Moldur Region and thus is a very busy hub for the Moldur Kingdom .


60% - Dwarves 15% - Gnomes 20% - Humans 05% - Other


Like many towns in the Moldur Region the town of Dangerfaire is ran by a town council that is elected by the people with a head mayor that is approved by High Moldur.


Due to Dangerfaire's proximity to High Moldur the defenses are lax in the town and simply consist of the town guard and a barracks for when trouble may have arisen High Moldur could send a regiment to hold off whatever force is attacking while the town residents have time to escape.

Industry & Trade

The industry of Dangerfaire is centered around trade services and goods, along with housing and providing transportation in and out of High Moldur.


Due to Dangerfaire being a trade hub and the gateway to High Moldur, its infrastructure is a maze to get those trying to enter High Moldur to visit and buy from Dangerfaires shops and services.    The town is composed mainly of wood with stone bridges along the main route to support the large caravans that make their way through. While most of the roads are simple dirt roads, there is a main route that goes through the town that is built of cobblestone which many travelers prefer for their carts.


There are several districts throughout Dangerfaire with the main one known as the Cobblestone district. This district is named for its location along the longer than necessary cobblestone road. This district is made up mainly of shops, taverns, and inns.    Other districts include the farming district, which is where most of the permanent residents live, and the industrial district which is the smallest and is mainly filled with large warehouses to store things for travellers.


The settelement of Dangerfaire was founded when a group of people wished to take advantage of the traditionally dangerous path to High Moldur from where Dangerfaire is currently located. They began a caravan service that would bring in outsiders to the city and were able to charge extraordinary prices. Eventually this business grew as the road was expanded and shops and the rest of the town slowly began to pop up as there were crowds that would be in line for days and potentially weeks to get in.
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