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Gnomedal Rocks

A large trio of large boulders in the Kesser Province covered in runes of ancient gnomish dialect.

Purpose / Function

The original purpose is unknown but is largely believed by scholars from High Moldur that it was a landmark for an ancient nomadic tribe of gnomes.


The 3 large rocks stand out of the ground as pillars. They are entirely nonmagical and are presumed to have been carved by natural means. The 3 stones are in a triangle layout with smaller rocks forming the sides.


It is unknown the exact history of the landmark in the Kesser Province but it is presumed to have been an important landmark to the nomadic gnomeish tribes that presided in the Moldur Region before the dwarves began the Moldur Kingdom and it's expansion.
Sometime in the 2nd Era
Alternative Names
Gaomedal Rocks
Monument, Large
Parent Location
Owning Organization

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