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Agarland Engineers (og-er-land enj-uh-neers)

A highly select and prestigious group tasked with the design of the Moldur Kingdom's major towns and cities.


Like many of the Moldur Kingdom's organizations and departments, it is ran by a council itself that is filled by the most experienced of their own and is in charge of a certain province throughout the Moldur Region  Beyond that council there are 20-30 teams divided amongst the council members that each contain a team lead that reports back to their respective council member.


The Agarland Engineers are a very tight knit group filled with some of the brightest and most clever of their trades. They believe in efficiency and effectiveness above extra flourishes and meaningless touches. If it doesn't serve a purpose, they are not apt to put it into their plans.   This doesn't mean they are not creative, however. Making something beautiful that serves a purpose is one of their most fulfilling goals every time they begin the planning phases.

Public Agenda

The Agarland Engineers were formed to create the most efficient kingdom Tomeria had ever seen and to ensure the Dwarves survival as the Humans began their rise to dominance.    Since the end of the War of Endless Aggression  they have continued that goal with a continuing focus on exploring the use of new technologies that came from Grimm such as the Arcane Rails and Divine Cannons.


The Agarland Engineers have been so successful throughout their history, they have nearly unlimited funds should they desire it and whatever they're planning is within the proper scope. This goes beyond simple finances and extends to tradesman, equipment, horses, and other needs they may have when in the Moldur Kingdom.


The Agarland Engineers were founded at the start of the official rise of the Moldur Kingdom as the clans decided to ban together in the face of the human's domination of the elves, the orcs continued bloodshed, and the increasing rate of war across The Continent.   The Dwarves knew that they would need to have efficiency and effectiveness throughout the entire kingdom and thus came up with plans to form a dedicated group of engineers. Contrary to the name however, the Agarland Engineers are filled with the best of the best in many different trades such as chemists, botanists, agriculturalists, carpenters, blacksmiths, and so on.   Their first task was to set out the groundwork for a magnificent city with buildings and foundations that would not only stand the test of time, but also be able to be the capitol city for years to come and remain efficient throughout the ages as populations and needs increased. They then began their work converting what was then known simply as Moldur into High Moldur.   The engineers were than tasked with creating the gateway cities into the Moldur Region later in time prior to the War of Endless Aggression  .   Throughout the Colonization Era the Agarland Engineers are tasked with "smaller" projects. Due to the ever-increasing time to plan and execute teams that used to be able to design layouts for entire towns will spend the equivalent amount of time on a single district leading to many disputes over the future of the Agarland Engineers.   The engineers have come under scrutiny during the latter years of the Colonization Era. As they were assigned to projects outside of the Moldur Kingdom. The Empire was far stricter when it came to how the contracted tradesman and workers under the Engineers were treated, with the engineers being used to the tireless commitment of previous workers and working the Empire's tradesman far too hard. This has also been seen in the High Seas Archipelago with the native Genasi races and their work with Grimm.

Efficiency, Simplicity, and Neatness does not conflict with beautiful and creative any more than a fish conflicts with a fishing line

Governmental, Department
Parent Organization

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8 Jan, 2022 11:38

I really like your engineers. I have questions. Are your dwarven engineers using high intelligence and a thorough education/skills to complete their tasks? OR Do they have powers or magic that help their high intelligence and education that make them more efficient and effective? I've always thought that a high intelligence was a type of superpower to begin with, so adding a magic skill in efficiency and/or effectiveness would be cool too.

9 Jan, 2022 20:08

Traditionally the engineers would certainly just be highly intelligent and educated due to Dwarves typically being unable to use arcane magic. But the idea of post-war of endless aggression they start bringing in actual magic users from other lands that focus on a type of magical efficiency is a super unique idea I never thought of but find really intriguing!   As enchanting became a more popular technology the dwarves had mastered, I'm sure they would definitely focus on streamlining the education process through use of magic items that enhance intellect simply due to the need for more engineers as population grows.   Thanks so much for reading and the thoughtful comment I really appreciate it!

9 Jan, 2022 16:18

If they are "some of the brightest" from many different professions in 20 to 30 teams there are bound to be some sort of conflict, power struggle or simply debates about concepts. Giving them nearly unlimited founds is possible, but you also kill the main reason for conflict. Which again, is not a problem, just something to remember.   I am with KatSanders on this one, the idea is good, but as of now, they seem to be a little to perfect, to clean.   Maybe they destroy a lot of nature? Do the people like that? Are they going against tradition to reach perfection? Do they maybe work way to much and are not at home for their partners and children? Is this creating social discomfort? You have a strong base, you could easily make feel more real and deeper with a little more insight into how their work is related to other things in your world.

„You are so blinded by the present that you cannot be enlightened by the future.”
9 Jan, 2022 20:14

Your thoughts are really helpful on catching the little things, I really appreciate you reading and leaving some insights.   I did especially consider your last thought. Especially it seems with engineering teams that strive for constant progress, I agree they would definitely be workaholics which in some cultures might be seen as the norm, but in others it could go against the grain and in some cases the law which I added into the history as I hadn't thought much into it.   While I typically don't focus too much effort on the small stuff into the articles as I leave them for the campaigns I run, I agree with the world being deeper and more real the more you explain them, so I think I'll begin to focus more on the culture of things and adding that to the foundation of them.